Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member GraceAnne Henshaw

Meeting GraceAnne

GraceAnne has been part of the EarthCruiser crew for over 1 ½ years and brings a wealth of accounting knowledge. She loves that EarthCruiser vehicles are so unique, that they don’t waste natural resources, and can travel anywhere. She hopes to help continue to grow the company worldwide and see more people out there traveling in an EC!


 Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, GraceAnne acquired a so-called southern accent! Interesting fact though, once she moved to Oregon she dropped her accent to better fit in with her surroundings! Some of Grace’s favorite activities include working out, lifting weights, running and teaching dance.

Her dream daily vehicle would be a loaded up black Yukon Denali XL. She hopes to one day accomplish her dream travel of backpacking with her husband across Europe! If she ever won the lottery she would pay off her debt and take a lavish vacation with her family.

Graces spirit animal is a horse, but then changes into a fierce wildcat. (I highly suggest to not mess with Grace!) If she could have a super power, it would be the ability to walk through walls. Her favorite food that she would eat for the rest of her life would be Italian food with a root beer. And if she could meet someone famous it would be Julia Roberts, because she is so fabulous, funny, and has a great aura about her!

Grace is an awesome addition to the EarthCruiser crew, thank you for taking the time to get to know her!