Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Marc Noel

Meeting Marc Noel!

Marc Noel, a newer hire in 2016 brings a fun, enthusiastic personality with highly skilled welding techniques to the EarthCruiser atmosphere. He loves that EarthCruiser is always coming up with new ways to make things better and the ability to get out and explore wherever you want!

Marc Noel

He was raised in Underhill, Vermont where he grew up loving cross country skiing, snowboard, and mountain biking. Interesting fact about Marc is that he has had 100-day ski seasons. His Skis would be his nonliving item he would grab if his house was on fire!

Marc would one day like to experience a world with flying cars. Where he can then own a helicopter! In this world, he could then fly to his dream travel destination of either Japan or Alaska.  Also in this world Marc is only allowed to eat and drink one thing for the rest of his life and it would be pizza and Long Trail Ale… Yum!

Marc’s spirit animal is an eagle, which is perfect because he is afraid of snakes! And if that didn’t work he would use his super power of invisibility to get away. But if he could not be his spirit animal he would switch places with cartoon character Roger Rabbit!

And finally, the question we know you have all been waiting to hear the answer from Marc is… if he was to win the lottery what would be his first purchase be?… A Heliski operation!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Marc Noel, we enjoyed taking you on his journey through what ifs!