Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Chris Allsman

Meet Chris Allsman

Chris Allsman is a new hire to the EarthCruiser crew.  He brings extensive knowledge of electrical and composite work that he acquired from working on aircraft’s. An aspect of the company Chris enjoys is the tight knit environment. He hopes to continue growing with the company and be part of a team that builds one of a kind overland vehicles.

Chris Allsman

Chris was raised in Virginia, just outside of D.C.  He enjoys cooking and trying out different crock pot recipes. Chris’ spirit animal is a honey badger, because they are tough little creatures! If Chris could experience a historical moment, he would like to see the Wright Brothers first flight.  And if he could meet anyone from the past it would be Richard Bong, a WWII fighter pilot who looped around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Continuing in a dream world of what ifs, if Chris were to win the lottery he would buy an overland vehicle and travel to all the national parks in the US.  If he had to switch places with a cartoon character it would be The Gremlin from Mary’s Melodies!  And if Chris could only eat and drink one meal, it would be beef and “Classic” Mountain Dew.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Chris Allsman, an EarthCruiser Crew member!