Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Devin

Meet Crew Member Devin

Devin has been part of the EarthCruiser crew for 2 years. He brings construction, fiberglass, and electrical experience to the operation. He loves that the crew is so diverse and hail from many different areas of the United States. Also his favorite part about working for the company is the freedom the vehicles provide for customers to reach their desired experiences.  He hopes to continue growing with the company and achieve more diversity of overland vehicles on the market.

Crew Member Devin

Devin developed a passion for outdoor recreation and fishing from his time growing up on the Oregon coast.  His skilled hands go beyond building EarthCruiser’s in that he has played guitar and various other instruments most of his life. Swimming with sharks is the most dangerous thing Devin has ever done, though not a planned activity!

Devin’s spirit animal is a wolf, as they can be successful in a pack or by themselves. He would like to have the super power of teleportation, so he could go anywhere at any time.  A dream travel destination for him would be to spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii.

In a world of what ifs, if Devin were to win the lottery he would take half the money and invest, using the remainder to buy property far away from city life.  If he could only eat and drink one meal, it would be wild game and water. And if he had to live in a different world (choices provided by interviewer) he would pick a world with flying cars!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Devin, an EarthCruiser Crew member!