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EarthCruiser EXP and FX’s Go-Anywhere Chassis Features

  1. 4×4 Fuso Truck Chassis: One of the most widely available light truck 4×4 chassis, it is nearly unbreakable, has good fuel consumption, and is very reliable. It is also part of the Daimler family and has access to their global service network making the Fuso an ideal vehicle for in country and global expedition travel.
  2. Diesel Fuel Source: Diesel fuel is readily available worldwide. It produces more torque, more reliability, more efficiency, and more stability than gasoline. Diesel fuel also powers the cooking and heating systems in the vehicle.
  3. Anywhere water-purification system: Our advanced water-purification system allows you to draw water clean, safe drinking water from any source: a well, stream, creek bed, or lake. All hoses are marine-grade and internally routed with service panel access.
  4. Fits in a standard parking space: Earthcruisers 257 inch (652.8 cm) length allows it to fit into any standard parking space – no more parking at the back of lot!
  5. Tight Turning Radius: Earthcruisers 44 foot (13.4 meter) turning radius is the similar to normal passenger vans. It’s easily maneuverable and can be driven through town without any problems.

EarthCruiser GZL Slide in Truck Camper

  1. Fits in a short or long bed Toyota Tacoma or Nissan. The camper is easy to remove.
  2. Ready to be equipped to meet your adventure travel needs. Diesel heating and cooking, or maybe you prefer traditional propane or LPG? You decide! Can I have lithium battery systems? Of course!
  3. There is a range of solar options and water filtration systems to suit your adventure.
  4. The Earthcruiser GZL is about fun travel in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing package.
 Travel AreaRoofSeatsTravel Capacity
EarthCruiser FXContinental travel: based on the Fuso chassis, the FX can be driven almost anywhere you can imagine.Fixed roof: provides 6'6" (198.12 cm) of comfortable standing room inside, but sits only 8" (20 cm) above the cab making it aerodynamic and compact.Seats Four: The FX's dinette seats have seatbelts, allowing you to legally seat four in the vehicle.Excellent overland travel capacity: 1 Solar panel and battery, 40 gallons fresh water and 62 gallon fuel capacity as standard.
EarthCruiser EXPWorldwide Travel: The EXP's 8'6" (259.08 cm) size allows it to fit into standard sized shipping containers, allowing you to take it anywhere in the world.Pop-top roof: Sits flat with the cab, but expands 24” (61 cm) upward at the push of a button to provide plenty of interior space when stationary.Seats two: The EXP's dinette seats do not have seatbelts.Increased overland travel capacity: 2 solar panels and batteries, 80 gallons fresh water and 80 gallon fuel capacity as standard.
EarthCruiser GZLFun travel: Perfect for those who appreciate modern design and are not ready for the EarthCruiser EXP or FX just yet.Lift Roof: 83’’ (210 cm standing room) and closed adds 21” (54 cm) above the cab.Seats Four: Comfortable dinette for four when stopped.Short and sweet: Ideal for short to medium trips away, with a host of upgrades and options depending on your plans.