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Where will EarthCruiser take you?


EarthCruiser is definitely not just a camper built on the back of a 4×4 truck. It is derived from personal experiences, a passion for excellence, comfort, reliability. No other manufacturer can offer such a background of knowledge and research.

With its specially designed soft ride/hard road suspension kit and super-single tires, the EarthCruiser is capable of negotiating long distance desert crossings and endless corrugated and rough roads in comfort. At the end of the travelling day EarthCruiser can provide a hot shower, a cold drink from the fridge, and a comfortable bed for the night.

EarthCruiser will continue to deliver hot showers and cold drinks for as long as you have sun, water and diesel available. Why limit your travels to one continent? EarthCruiser is easily transported via container for international travel and our team will gladly help you make international touring and exploration a reality.

Roaming the globe in an EarthCruiser is easy and the benefits are numerous:

·         Free and secure accommodation.

·         Good high driving position for sightseeing and safe touring.

·         Capable of handling a variety of terrain in comfort.

·         Great fuel economy and good distance achievable between fuel stops.

·         Self-sufficient in every respect- no gas or power connections needed.

·         The ability to survive arduous road conditions.

·         Great front and rear departure angles allowing GPS cross-country travel.

·         The ‘living’ section no higher or wider than the cab, allowing access down tight tracks, economical highway running

·         Containerization for international travel.

·         Adequate storage for fuel, water, and provisions for extended travel away from supplies.

·         Energy ‘self sufficient’ for long, isolated stays.

·         High quality fittings with the luxury and the comfort of  home.

Why not join the EarthCruiser family today?