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Where will EarthCruiser take you?



General EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicle chassis (platform) specifactions.

EarthCruiser’s preferred base chassis are the commercially proven Fuso, Isuzu and Iveco 4×4 platforms. Specifications vary by country.  For example,  EarthCruiser is available in Australia, New Zealand, EU and South Africa with an option for a Crew Cab http://www.earthcruiser.com/gallery/photo .  The crew cab is not available in the United States at this time.

FUSO All known FUSO FG  4×4 platforms , left or right hand drive, are suitable for EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicles.

We chose this chassis because it is one of the most widely available light truck 4×4 chassis around the world.  It is reliable, highly capable off road, and has the ability to perform for a million miles.  It is also part of the Daimler family and has access to their global service network making the Fuso an ideal vehicle for in country and global expedition travel.

General specification for EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicles using the Fuso FG 4X4 platform configurations do vary by country.


Isuzu NPS  4×4 chassis is also very popular and suitable for EarthCruiser. This chassis is well proven  in South Africa and Australia.  However, the Isuzu 4×4  is not as widely available as the FUSO 4×4 chassis .

Iveco Recently re-introduced the 4×4 Daily 4×4. They are proving to be a popular choice for EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicles.


Fuso, Isuzu or Iveco:

4 cylinder diesel engines  with emission and fuel quality requirements dependent on in-country  regulations.   Engines are subject to varying emission standards which affect the type of fuel supported.  It is very important that you contact us to discuss your travel plans when choosing which platform for your EarthCruiser 4×4 camper. Hi or low sulfur fuel engines may have an impact on where you can go.

Fuel capacity 

Fuso and Isuzu typically come standard with 120 Litres or 31 US gallons.  There are options available to add additional fuel tanks.


Dependent on model and country.

o   Five speed gearbox with a two speed transfer case,

o   Six speed Dutronic automated gear box with no transfer case.

Please get in touch with your local agent for specific details. We are very happy to share our experiences with all of the platforms.

Front Axle

Full Floating Hypoid with Constant Velocity Joints, Mechanical Locking Free Wheel Hubs are standard on most platforms.

Rear Axle

Full Floating Hypoid with Positive Locking Limited Slip Differential are standard on most platforms.


EarthCruisers using the very popular FUSO and Isuzu platforms are delivered to our customers with EarthCruisers well proven ‘Hard Road/Soft Ride’ suspension modification.  Factory suspension is replaced in favour of EarthCruiser designed tested and proven leaf springs and  heavy duty double acting shock absorbers and greaseable pins.

EarthCruisers with the Iveco platfrom retain the Iveco factory suspension.

The above combination gives EarthCruiser its renowned soft ride over hard terrain and supreme wheel articulation over rugged ground. Since your travel weight is more or less static it is possible for EarthCruiser to balance as much as practical front and rear axle, greatly improving the driving dynamics.

Factory parts including leaf springs can be easily reinstalled should EarthCruiser parts not be immediately available to you.  In the building of your EarthCruiser there is no compromise to the engineering integrity or serviceability of your  chassis.


The Fuso Canter 4×4 and Isuzu typically are delivered from the factory with standard 32 inch tires and dual rims at the rear which might be ok for dirt road motor home or RV, but are certainly not suitable for an expedition vehicle!

EarthCruiser changes the dynamics of the chassis by offering a range of super single wheels. When EarthCruiser wheels and tyres are fitted to your EarthCruiser expedition 4×4 camper the front and rear wheels track the same. This is critical to soft sand, snow and mud performance of the vehicle.

Options currenlty available

o   Michelin XZL – 255/100R 16 Military specifications. Fitted to 16×6 tubeless rims.

Arguably the pinnacle of tough off road tyres. This is a premium tyre with a price structure to match.  Comparatively high wear  can be experienced on sealed roads.  The XZLs are unbeatable for expedition travel on secondary or non existent roads. Can be difficult to obtain.

o   Toyo Open Country – 315 75 R 16 . Fitted to 16×8 tubeless rims.

Excellent general use off -road tyre.  Toyo’s have very good on road manners with a well deserved reputation in off- road performance. This tyre size is probably the most common worldwide.

These tubeless radial tires are designed to perform in the harshest of terrains and offer significant off-road ability.

Wheel and tyre Compliance:

The rims carry a manufactures certificate that they are made to on road tolerances as per the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia, and that they meet the requirements of Code E3 of the Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modification VSB6.  They are also DOT approved in Australia and the USA.

EarthCruiser wheels   and tyres options are certified in compliance by Australian Design Rule “ADR” (also considered for EU compliance) and the United Sates Department of Transport.

Tyres have been approved by the tyre manufacture for use on the EarthCruiser expedition vehicles.

Rear Protection Bar and Tire Carrier:

EarthCruiser’s rear protection bar includes a 3500Kg tow bar, allowing you to comfortably tow a large boat, horse float/trailer, or significant work equipment. On the left hand side, the standard spare tire carrier incorporates an operator easy tire lowering device. The right hand side is available for the optional secondary spare tire carrier, a bicycle carrier or an outboard motor mount.


EarthCruiser is an easy vehicle to drive with any platform. The seating position, large windscreen and standard motor vehicle width makes for easy highway and off-road driving. The motor is responsive and has heaps of torque particularly as the base vehicle will never be at its maximum designed load capacity.

The Fuso Canter and Isuzu have a very low 1st High hence even with the increased tire size, it is still very easy to move off in 2nd high gear on flat surfaces. With the transmission in low box, the 1st low gear is a very effective crawler gear, particularly considering the low GVM and high torque output of the engines.

The new Iveco 4×4 offers a new range of options.

Camper Frame Assembly:

The EarthCruiser camper module is attached to the torsion elastic vehicle chassis using a Kinematic stress-free arrangement between camper module and chassis.

The chassis of serious 4×4 vehicles are designed to flex. The EarthCruiser camper module is attached to this flexible chassis via 8 engineered, designed and ADR (Australian Design Rule) approved truck strength spring mounts. This allows for  full chassis movement with  any tension created  taken up and distributed within the springs. The frame upon which the camper sits is engineered to 5Gs.

The EarthCruiser Kinematic or kinetic mounting system continues to prove itself in the field as the ideal mounting system for Earth Cruiser 4×4 expedition camper application. It requires virtually no maintenance and is certainly trouble free with a built-in fail safe system. Parts are simple and easily obtainable  should you need them in remote locations.

The  EarthCruiser kinetic mounts fitted to the chassis  work  seamlessly  in partnership with the   intended vehicle’s  manufactured chassis to flex. This simplicity of  design backed- up by  thousands of engineering hours makes the EarthCruiser kinectic mount system, safe, comfortable and reliable.  Poorly made systems can have catastrophic failures, including cracking the vehicle chassis in half.


Supported Vehicles by region

The below is a guide only.  Please contact your local Fuso dealer or us directly with any questions.


·        http://www.fuso.com.au/Canter.aspx

·        http://www.fuso.co.nz/assets/FusoBodyBuilder/Canter/Specs/7700-MID-Canter-2.5-C1FA2.pdf




·        http://www.earthcruiser.com/assets/pdf/year_model_2011_current.pdf

·        http://www.earthcruiser.com/assets/pdf/year_model_2008-2010_fg140.pdf

·        http://www.earthcruiser.com/assets/pdf/year_model_2007_fg140.pdf

·        http://www.earthcruiser.com/assets/pdf/year_model_2006_fg140.pdf


·         http://www.fuso.co.za/trucks-for-sale/fuso-canter/

·        http://www.isuzutruckssa.com/isuzu/action/media/downloadFile?media_fileid=967

·        http://www.isuzutruckssa.com/isuzu/action/media/downloadFile?media_fileid=965


·         http://www.fuso-trucks.com/


Middle East

·         http://www.autoalmulla.com/almulla_auto/Fuso/canter_lineup.html

General information for FUSO and Isuzu

·         http://www.mitsubishi-fuso.com/en/sales_service/index.html

·        http://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/distributor/index.html

Vehicle Options:

We have an extensive list of standard and non-standard options available for your EarthCruiser, including  many trim and colour options for the interior and a vast array of must and like to have options for your vehicle itself.  You will always be expedition ready.

For more details please get in touch with us to discuss your expedition requirements in detail.