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Where will EarthCruiser take you?


Chassis (platform)

EarthCruiser’s preferred base chassis are the commercially proven Fuso. We chose this chassis because it is one of the most widely available light truck 4×4 chassis around the world.  It is reliable, highly capable off road, and has the ability to perform for a million miles.  It is also part of the Daimler family and has access to their global service network making the Fuso an ideal vehicle for in country and global expedition travel.


Fuso 4-cylinder diesel engine with emission and fuel quality requirements dependent on in-country regulations. Engines are subject to varying emission standards which affect the type of fuel supported. Hi or low sulfur fuel engines may have an impact on where you can go.

Fuel capacity 

Fuso come standard with 31 US gallons (120 Liters).  There are options available to add additional fuel tanks.


Six speed Duotronic automated gear box with no low range transfer case.

Front Axle

Full Floating Hypoid with Constant Velocity Joints, Mechanical Locking Free Wheel Hubs are standard on most platforms.

Rear Axle

Full Floating Hypoid with Positive Locking Limited Slip Differential are standard on most platforms.


Factory suspension is replaced in favor of EarthCruiser designed tested and proven leaf springs and heavy duty double acting shock absorbers and greaseable pins.


Toyo Open Country – 315 75 R 16 . Fitted to 16×8 tubeless rims.

Wheel and Tire Compliance:

The rims carry a manufactures certificate that they are made to on road tolerances as per the Tire & Rim Association of Australia, and that they meet the requirements of Code E3 of the Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modification VSB6.  They are also DOT approved in Australia and the USA.

Rear Protection Bar and Tire Carrier:

EarthCruiser’s rear protection bar includes a 7,700 lb (3500 Kg) tow bar, allowing you to comfortably tow a large boat, horse float/trailer, or significant work equipment. On the left hand side, the standard spare tire carrier incorporates an operator easy tire lowering device. The right hand side is available for the optional secondary spare tire carrier, a bicycle carrier or an outboard motor mount.

Camper Frame Assembly:

The EarthCruiser camper module is attached to the torsion elastic vehicle chassis using a Kinematic stress-free arrangement between camper module and chassis. The chassis of serious 4×4 vehicles are designed to flex. The EarthCruiser camper module is attached to this flexible chassis via 8 engineered, designed and ADR (Australian Design Rule) approved truck strength spring mounts. This allows for full chassis movement with any tension created  taken up and distributed within the springs. The frame upon which the camper sits is engineered to 5Gs.