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At EarthCruiser we take safety very seriously.  A bulbar is not just a flash piece of metal to deflect objects, a bulbar needs to be able to allow airbags to deploy (if another vehicle is hit), not allow  another vehicle to be caught under the truck if hit, allow for the cab to tilt easily for servicing and protect the driver from impact with another object.  Notice the added marker lights which allow another driver to see you if you’re at a funny angle.  Our bulbars are made from structural aluminum and are powder coated so they are tough and long wearing.  They are winch compatible for most (you can tilt the bull bar while the winch remains stable)   The EarthCruiser bulbar is made specifically for this truck and comes from Australia where there is a long history of needing to keep trucks running through the outback and most importantly get home.

MADE IN USA_EarthCruiser 2014_61

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