EarthCruiser Experience


What is the EarthCruiser Experience?

…Well it’s not a secret that the best way to unwind in life is to lose yourself in the wonders of this world. Quiet spaces allow stress to release, calming scenery clears the mind, and having the option to go anywhere is a travelers dream. Some people choose this experience in a boat or plane, but for us it is an experience we wanted across land. The EarthCruiser Experience.

It all started in 2008 when Lance and his wife Michelle decided to leave Australia and travel the globe. Having an extensive background building capable 4×4 vehicles, Lance knew what was required in a vehicle that would get him to all the places he wanted to experience. Michelle also was able to weigh in to make sure this vehicle had everything she needed to feel comfortable, clean, and safe during their journey.

After much research, they realized there was nothing they could buy that gave them everything necessary for this type of travel. Lance then got to designing a vehicle that would meet all the criteria he and Michelle listed, and soon the first EarthCruiser was born. Using only the materials and components proven in sea worthy yachts for the house, the concept behind EarthCruiser started coming together.

Australian vehicle standards are highly regulated, and Lance is very familiar with them. Which is why he took the due diligence in having all the systems of the chassis and house tested to ensure they met or exceeded these vehicle standards. This attention to detail not only gained the approval of the Australian government, but also by Damlier AG, parent company of Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes, Freightliner, and other international vehicle brands. This is why EarthCruiser maintains the industry leading factory 5-year warranty on the Fuso cab chassis.

However, this was only the beginning. The couple proof tested the vehicles off-road capability as well as it’s livability while traversing many parts of the globe. Designed to fit in a tall-boy shipping container made it simple to cross the seas for travel in any country. When time for maintenance, the selection of globally available parts made remote servicing easy.

Once the word got out, travelers recognized that there was finally a turn-key vehicle built to travel without limitation on where you can take it. Requests from wanting travelers were made, and EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles started manufacturing production vehicles in Australia. 5 years later EarthCruiser opened a new headquarters in Bend, Oregon USA, which is now where Lance and Michelle reside.

Every month there are more EarthCruiser owners traveling the globe, which makes our vehicles the most traveled-in expedition vehicle in the world. The reason EarthCruiser owners have been to more places, and checked off more things on their bucket list is because our vehicles make it easy to get to the places you want to go. With only being a hair longer than a mid size truck, they are easily maneuverable through tight trails or congested city streets.

Since the development of the first EarthCruiser, the company has launched other vehicle platforms with the same attention to detail as the first. Our lineup of turn-key trucks, EXP, FX, EXD, and demount-able campers, GZL, MOD, are suited to provide the EarthCruiser experience for their owner.

What is the EarthCruiser experience? It is investing in yourself to truly travel wherever you want to go without the added stress of how you get there. Global expedition seekers, full-timers, and weekend warriors all share one thing in common and that is the love of travel… and we love it too.

EarthCruisers are also listed in the NADA guides, and we can help you with financing a new one, or one of our fine Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

There are many others that share this passion for travel as well. Below are some great videos others made, that we feel help capture what we did and why we did it.

Above is a segment that Motor Week put together in June of 2019. We took their crew into the wilderness for a remote camping experience, so they could see what makes the trend of overlanding so popular.

Above is one of the original videos made from when EarthCruiser was released in Australia.

Above was a video made at the 4×4 test track in Australia. Not that you would travel like this all the time, but if you ran into issues along your journey, the truck is capable to get your safely through.

Outside Online shared a great interview with Lance, on how comfortable an EarthCruiser can be on a very wet, soggy day.

Some of our owners joined Fido Expeditions on a trip into Six Mile Canyon in Nevada. It is a gorgeous remote location, but quite a tight track to get to see all it’s beauty.


Phil with Down2Mob Overland stopped by, and what quite impressed by the shop, our quality, and each amazing truck.


We love the Russo’s! Above they share their lust for the EarthCruiser EXP.

VanClan got a chance to walk through the EXD truck just after it launched at Overland Expo West 2019.