EarthCruiser Experience

-Lance Gillies
(EarthCruiser Founder)

It’s not a secret that the best way to unwind in life is to lose yourself in the wonders of this world. Quiet spaces allow stress to release, calming scenery clears the mind, and not needing to worry about the vehicle you’re in drops your blood pressure before you put the shifter in drive. Experiencing adventures in an EarthCruiser gives you this peace of mind, while providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The reason EarthCruiser owners have been to more places, and checked off more things on their bucket list is because our vehicles make it easy to get to the places you want to go. Whether it’s across town or Cape Town that your traveling too, every system was thoughtfully designed to make overland travel simple. This is what we work so hard to develop and refine every day, and what our family of owners’ love.

Mr. Bigly, EC owner #37, sent us an email sharing what he loves about his EarthCruiser experience:

For the last few years I’ve followed all sorts of overland vehicle blogs, vlogs, websites, and Instagram accounts in my quest for *the perfect vehicle*.

One thing I’ve come to suspect is that people who buy magnum rigs think bigger is better, and those big rigs carry a lot of stuff.  If you have a 24,000# GVWR, that means you can carry about 4,000# of useless stuff.  That’s A LOT OF STUFF! There must be a law of physics that says stuff will expand to fill all existing empty space in an overland vehicle.  The bigger the vehicle, the more stuff is carried.

Their mileage is horrible, and they can’t get very far up trails before they run out of room to turn around. They can’t park their magnum rig at the grocery store, changing a tire requires a team of people, and they’re too big for trail head parking lots. Most importantly, I’m going to guess that after a couple of hours on the road their back and butts hurt a lot, too.

We’re going on our seventh month of gallivanting around in Mr. Bigly and we’re still tossing useless stuff overboard.  I swear we’ve lightened the load by 500 lbs.  We can park in a regular parking stall outside of a craft brewery, get 14 mph, and Mr. Bigly can pull a U turn on a narrow dirt track.  

Anything bigger than an EC is crazy unless really want a gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops on wheels, or you prefer to overnight in a RV park or the WallyWorld parking lot… which is what I thought we were all trying to get away from.

Making a lifestyle of adventure simple is what motivates what we do, and what makes the EarthCruiser experience so unique. So what’s holding you back?