The Team

The team at EarthCruiser comes from many different places, and from a variety of backgrounds. We enjoy a wide array of hobbies, from hiking and skiing, to overlanding and camping. Some of us build robots, and some of us give golf lessons. But underneath every personality, is a respect and appreciation for the outdoors, and a commitment to unparalleled quality in everything that we do. At EarthCrusier, we revel in creating the overland experience as much as our customers delight in living it.


EarthCruiser Technician

“I like that we build vehicles that help people get out explore whether it be from campgrounds in Florida to the middle of nowhere in the Arctic!”


EarthCruiser Technician

Damon likes that EarthCruisers are big, tough, and can go anywhere you want.  He hopes the industry will continue to grow, so he can learn as much as possible.


EarthCruiser Electrical Technician

Karl enjoys working in an environment where he can do such a wide variety of skills every day! And through continued education, he can go back to school to get his engineering degree. His favorite part of an EarthCruiser vehicle is the off-road and off-grid capability.


EarthCruiser Technician

Tim enjoys exploring the forest and mountains in his spare time. He hopes adventure travel becomes a staple in every person’s life or permanent lifestyle, paved roads are a waste of taxpayers’ money.


Shop Foreman

James brings a great personality to the team, and loves working with the company because of the awesome crew members around him.  He would love to see the overlanding industry grow to be huge and more global.


EarthCruiser Technician

What’s for you, won’t go by you. “I enjoy working in an environment where the crew is passionate about the engineering and design”.


EarthCruiser Technician

Ethan enjoys taking out his 1991 FJ80 Landcruiser to remote locations where he can then do some extreme mountain biking! He hopes to see EarthCruiser at the top of everyone’s list for off-road expedition vehicles.


Trucks For Travel Crew Chief

Jeremy likes that the company focuses on using excellent quality products and builds high-quality vehicles. He hopes the Overlanding industry will continue to grow in the United States and be as big as some of the other countries like Australia!


Consulting CFO

There’s nothing better than working with the innovative, hard working group at EarthCruiser delivering awesome vehicles and campers.  This gets reinforced every day by seeing the pictures and testimonials of our customers experiencing the world in amazing ways.


Operations Manager

I like working for a company that puts the quality of their product, and quality of life of their employees, over their bottom line. I hope to see the industry flourish here in America, as it has in Europe.


Engineering Manager

The atmosphere here is great because of its go get it attitude, and at the end of the day, we get to build these amazing vehicles! I hope the industry will keep growing internationally, and that we can take the GZL, a more economical vehicle, to the next level!


Marketing and Business Development Manager

Working at EarthCruiser is more than building expedition vehicles. It is wonderful channel to help more people experience the wonders of our world and creates advocates who want to protect and preserve these things for future generations.


Sales Manager

I enjoy working with a motivated company that is dedicated to continuously evolving its products and itself. For me in a sales role it’s critical you not only have confidence and pride in your product offering but you also work with smart and good folks. The people are as important as the product.



I think our crew is awesome, and the product speaks for itself!


Engineering Product Development

I really like that our vehicles are sensible, and every component is thought through for a specific purpose. I hope the overland industry will continue to grow and become more of a family gathering to get more children out in the wilds.


Engineering Intern

I look forward to being part of the EarthCruiser crew because we’re small, and the atmosphere is a team effort and not just a production line. I hope to continue growing with the company as an element of a team that wants to develop sustainability by increasing the efficiency of water use as well as solar manageme


Supply Chain Manager

This is a wonderful place to work because more people should find their adventure and that’s exactly what we do here!


GZL Production Manager and Engineer

Working at EarthCruiser gives me the freedom to express my personality through work. I hope to see the industry take off in Central Oregon as there are many opportunities for backcountry exploration in an EarthCruiser vehicle. 


Quality Control Manager

I like working for EarthCruiser because of the fast-paced environment with countless tasks that happen each day. My hope for the Overland industry is that it can grow intelligently and not be swayed by fleeting trends.


Marketing Coordinator

I enjoy working in an atmosphere where we can help people reach their dreams!


EarthCruiser Technician

It’s easy to love a company that is small in crew members, but big in aspirations!  I hopes to continue growing with the company and enjoy being part of a team where we can travel to work with relief programs.


EarthCruiser Technician

At EarthCruiser our team is always coming up with new ways to make things better and the ability to get out and explore wherever you want!


GZL Technician

Nothing is better than long weekend camping trips in my 1994 FJZ80 Series Landcruiser. I believe in the product that EarthCruiser builds and was interested to work here to learn more about that process.


GZL Technician

I enjoy working in an innovative industry with opportunities to advance in something I really believe in!