EarthCruiser EXD

True to our motto “Go Further-Stay Longer”, the EXD frees you up to explore like never before. A shortened EarthCruiser house paired with a One-Ton 4×4 truck chasis gives you a capable offroad vehicle ready to charge off the beaten path. An easy to maintain and powerful American made drivetrain delivers a larger payload and towing capability. Superior ground clearance protects critical components and enables you to take your home to the most remote of locations. Climb to the top of the mountain, push a button to deploy the roof and enjoy your spacious world of function and luxury. The EXD is ergonomically designed, allowing for an easy pass-through to a kitchen, bathroom, functional living area and bed. Whether heading out for an extended weekend or year long trip across South America, the EXD is ready for the challenge.

Truck Camper Adventurer interviewed Lance about what makes the EXD different: Go to the interview