MOD stands for My Own Design and it is backbone on which we developed this new camper. The MOD has a modular interior that can be customized by simply adding and subtracting pre-built kits- PAKs (Personal Accessory Kits) allowing you to take the amenities you need on any adventure. The MOD is truly a reflection of you and your lifestyle. 

A durable base shell is ready to take on all four seasons. Every MOD has a base floor plan that includes a cab-over bed, corner storage unit, and an electrical system to power two ceiling lights and 12volt accessories. Now we get to the fun stuff… choose any of the overland travel PAKs that make sense for your back country adventure, your weekend away from it all, or your new office with a view. EarthCruiser PAKs plug-and-play in minutes, allowing you to customize on the fly for any adventure. 

* Only 2 MOD 300 campers remaining in stock *

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