We’re headed to SEMA Show in Las Vegas, November 2nd–5th to formally introduce CORE (Command Off-Road Equipment) Vehicles, our commercial division, to the commercial market-at-large.

Vehicles appeal to domestic and international manufacturers and are also a platform of choice for overlanding/expedition vehicle builders and as the ideal platform for many commercial applications. We look forward to making new connections and showcase our CORE Commander chassis which could be the ideal solution in critical situations, such as disaster relief, forest maintenance and firefighting, emergency medical needs, remote transport, remote patrol and scientific monitoring needs, and more.

CORE offers the only cab-over, four-wheel drive production platforms available in the United States and built to accomplish the toughest missions with unparalleled agility and utility. By completing rigorous, industry standard testing and certification, CORE takes an uncompromising approach to building the best-in-class road legal 4×4 platforms period. Launched with a production V8 cab over chassis, outfitted with CORE’s proprietary four-wheel drive system, CORE has changed the way professionals and overlanding experts build for total-control performance.

CORE platforms are designed to withstand an unparalleled range of environments and situations. Tested to the extreme, CORE brings best in class confidence and field-tested expertise to any overland build project. Through our CORE chassis platform, we can provide a range of professionals and expert builders with the technology and equipment they need to complete the toughest jobs and adventures on the planet.

CORE, a division of EarthCruiser USA, recognized a gap in the market for high-performing 4X4 chassis for commercial and DIY overland vehicle-builder applications, and brought the foundational prowess of our EXP and FX models to a fully customizable chassis system.

SEMA visitors can experience the EarthCruiser Dual Cab EXP as a featured vehicle with Toyo Tires.