overland rv



Adventure with purpose.
The most capable and comfortable way to travel the world.

Purpose-built containerization for true global travel, tested and capable in all four seasons.

Available in single cab and dual-cab chassis.
Solid state and capable in any terrain.

Marine grade, full glassed, one-piece body for those looking for a solid-state alternative to an expandable roof.

Available in FX and EXP Models.
Solid state and capable in any terrain.

Marine grade, full glassed, one-piece body for those looking for a solid-state alternative to an expandable roof.

Available in single cab and dual-cab chassis.

The vehicle can do it, so can you

The incredibly capable EarthCruiser EXP and FX are just as at home on grueling mountain tracks at elevation as well as quick trips to your favorite beach and back to town again. Our in-house modified Mitsubishi FUSO chassis tackles any terrain you can throw at it.

The vehicle can do it, so can you

The incredibly capable EarthCruiser EXP and FX are just as at home on grueling mountain tracks at elevation as well as quick trips to your favorite beach and back to town again. Our in-house modified Mitsubishi FUSO chassis tackles any terrain you can throw at it.

Function Meets Form

The cab-over platform offers cinema-like visibility making every bend in the road a new vista.

“We sometimes drive much further than we planned, just because the view is so incredible. My husband will tell me it’s time to stop because it’s almost pitch black outside.”

Heidi, EC #3


The EarthCruiser’s redundant power system guarantees the comforts of home while on the road.

“Our EarthCruiser was the same price as a cabin and takes us places we could otherwise never afford to sleep. Plus, no property taxes!"

Maile, EC #56

support when you need it

Engineered for unparalleled reliability and performance. Designed to be serviceable anywhere on the planet.

Should something go wrong, as an approved partner of the Daimler-Benz group, EarthCruiser’s Fuso and Isuzu platforms can be serviced with an extensive global dealer network.

affordable adventure awaits

With resale values exceeding 80% of purchase price, an EarthCruiser is the most affordable and versatile second home you’ll ever own.


With resale values often exceeding 80% of purchase price, the EarthCruiser EXP is the most affordable second home you’ll ever own.

Every decision matters

Engineered for Adventure, from the Bull Bar to The spare

In an EarthCruiser, every design, engineering, and sourcing decision is made with intention and informed by years of overlanding experience. Made to run with precision and reliability over any terrain you can throw at it, every single bolt, plate, and component in an EarthCruiser is chosen specifically in service of a seamless adventure. No detail has gone unscrutinized, so you can adventure with confidence.
  • Chassis Construction
  • House Construction
  • Wheels/Suspension
  • Lighting, Recovery & Protection
  • Gear Storage
  • Optional Equipment

Built for ultimate portability

Designed and built to EarthCruiser spec, we packed the most rugged platform into a very small footprint. This engine and transmission combo has been proven across the world in many commercial truck applications and has been specially programed to optimize power and fuel economy. Putting this power to the trail are beefed up, rear full floating DynaTrac Pro Series 80 axles that is controlled by a Hero 2-speed transfer case designed to take a beating. With specially selected gearing and the ability to select multiple drive options, this truck performs flawlessly on tight city streets, and on wide-open sand dunes in the Sahara.

There are also 2 onboard air compressors used to actuate the ARB air lockers and come in very handy when needing to air up your tires after a long day of trail runs. Speaking of long days, the cabin has also been updated to include a custom center console and the best long distance driving seats you will ever sit in. Sitting in the Scheel-mann Vario seats made just for EarthCruiser, you’ll never feel numb after a long trip again.

Designed to handle anything you can throw at it

The housing of the EarthCruiser EXP is designed to go anywhere in the world, thanks to its versatile and reliable design. Shippable in a container, thanks to its house that matches the height of the cab during travel, the EXP housing vertically extends to provide a roomy interior when at camp. Hundreds of hours went into engineering our pop up structure, built to handle decades of use and proven in some of the most extreme conditions on land and when shipped across the sea. The shape helps these trucks optimize your living space, reduce wind drag, and keep trail worthy bashes to a minimum. The white exterior and built-in insulation keeps the interior comfortable in most conditions and reduces your energy use. The EXP flexible canopy is made out of tri-layer, marine grade laminate, and includes 360 degree windows equipped with zippered clear vinyl, bug, and privacy screens. In thermal testing this material performed just as well as our hard sided FX, and is more than suitable for freezing conditions. The house rides on a subframe using our proprietary kinetic mounting system. This system allows the chassis to flex freely without putting unnecessary stress on the house components, and holds the water and battery weight low to optimize the EXPs center of gravity.

Reliable systems that look the part and do the work.

Our wheel, tire, and suspension packages are more than about looking the part. Each component was selected and tested to increase your off-road capability, passing the rigorous brake and maneuverability tests required in Australia, United States, and across the world with a fully weighted truck. The result: a system that not only surpasses global testing, but one that ensure performance, reliability, and longevity in even the most extreme conditions. The EXP feels stable at 70mph, floats like a boat across washboard roads, stays within a wheel track, optimizes articulation through rocks, and is easily maintained world-wide with universally-sourced components that can be replaced from anywhere.

Your safety is our obsession

Safety is our #1 concern, so we designed a system of integrity regardless of the conditions. The front bull bar meets vehicle safety requirements for optimal protection in a collision, and we fabricated heavy duty skid plates to protect every critical component under the truck.

Two sets of rear brake and turning lights are mounted high and low to achieve maximum visibility to other drivers without being blocked by any external gear. The Vision X Shocker Dual Action LED Light Bar brings versatility and lighting power to the forefront by allowing you to adjust your lighting to the ever-changing driving conditions with the flick of a switch. You get both a long distance, broad spot beam, and an amber wide-elliptical shaped beam to pierce through the night in dust, fog and snowy conditions.

When the going gets stuck, there are recovery points located on all sides of the vehicle. For self recovery, we installed the proven Warn 16.5ti-s heavyweight winch, providing 16,500 lbs. of pull capacity. A spare wheel and tire is secured on a powered lowering and lifting rear carrier, changing a flat tire on your EarthCruiser is no different to changing one on a pick up truck.  We intentionally stay away from military tires, these are difficult to change, balance or find on the road.

Integrated spaces, easily accessed

Every inch of storage in the EarthCruiser is made with intention, helping you store your messy gear inside in easy access external storage systems that get your gear out of the way and keep them protected.

The 2 side locker boxes are spacious enough to hold multiple sets of skis, while the rear tow bar includes three 2” hitch receivers for those building custom racks for their gear. All compartments are lockable and highly secure to provide peace of mind.

The optional roof rack is easily accessible by a side cab ladder, and is a great place to store long items like surf boards, kayaks, and canoes. It is also a great way to access your roof for clearing solar panels or setting up your tripod for optimal scenic photography.

  • Second spare tire and carrier
  • Rear Warn 16.5 ti-s winch and carrier with additional rear recovery points
  • Safe with code entry in the center console
  • Cab ditch lights, driver and passenger side
  • Upgraded Off-Road lighting package
  • 50” Vision X Xmitter
  • Lo-Pro Extreme LED light bar with custom EarthCruiser cover
  • Two Vision X Sub Aqua 6 LED reversing lights
  • Vision X 5.63″ XPL Series Halo 3 driving lights
  • EC Rear Expedition Rack/MAXX
  • TRAXX/ax/Shovel holder
  • Rear Storage Box with MaxTrax holder, upper tray, and interior shelf
  • House Roof rack with 360 degree lighting
  • Cab Roof rack ladder
  • Seat belts in dinette area for legally traveling with 4 more passengers (not approved for use with car seats)
  • Front view camera – switchable from the rearview camera cab monitor
  • Thermal screens designed to fit the cabin windows
  • Livability
  • Comfort
  • Power Systems
  • Water Systems
  • Optional Equipment

Thoughtfully designed to maximize your space

Every inch of the living space in an EarthCruiser was designed for best-in-class ergonomics and comfort. Our intelligently designed interiors offer comfortable places to eat, sleep and relax without needing a massive amount of space. The integrated pass-through makes it easy to go back and forth without leaving the vehicle. The bed fits seamlessly in the main living space of the truck, and the separate dinette area seats four comfortably. The dinette area allows for additional sleeping quarters when the table is lowered. The sky bed holds up to 150lbs, making it perfect for a small adult,  children or beloved furry companions.

Smartly designed, the washroom features a small sink, a hidden toilet, and a large shower area, all smartly located in the entryway. Why? Because this is the best use of space given you can leave any dirty, wet gear here in a place to be easily cleaned and dried without a mess. The interior storage is plentiful as a large 53” wide hatch lifts up revealing tons of storage space, and a 7.5” deep drawer slides out 30” making it a perfect place to hold your dry goods. There are numerous locking drawers for pots, pans, dishes, and even a kitchen pantry. A built-in trash receptacle in the kitchen countertop stores and hides waste.

The EXP cabin also includes a custom center console and the best long distance driving seats you will ever sit in; custom Scheelmann Vario seats made so you’ll never feel numb after a long trip again.

Above these functional amenities sits 360 degrees of windows at the top of the interior, allowing you to enjoy the outside scenery while being in a comfortable climate-controlled

Designed for comfort in all conditions

EarthCruisers are designed to be comfortable in all four seasons, and anywhere around the world. Every aspect of the house has been designed to be as comfortable as possible, all while optimizing energy use and efficient use of space. Innovative systems for heating, cooling, and controlling condensation exist inside. Hidden within the ceiling exists our innovative fan system, moving air efficiently through the house and vents outside. By quickly popping open the vents you get 200 cfm of airflow, which will almost completely remove the possibility of condensation.

Above, the roofing is engineered to reduce the chance of leak points, and optimizes solar space while minimize damage from low hanging branches on trails.

Best-in-class energy systems to keep you running longer

One of the core competencies that set EarthCruiser apart from others is our understanding of energy systems. Led by a team of accomplished Energy System Engineering graduates, we take staying off-grid to the next level.

You won’t see huge amounts of battery storage and solar generation specs, because you don’t need it. Our electrical systems were designed to sip power, and have numerous backup systems if and when necessary, all tested and approved in all conditions by our engineering team. All EarthCruiser power systems are made for easy upgrading and troubleshooting, with ease of identification and repair by any electrician, thanks to our simple and organized wiring system. All electrical systems are organized in one central location, so there is no need to tear apart your house interior when you are out on the trail to find a lost breaker.

The most efficient and effective hydration system in the world

Our expertise in energy management runs parallel in designing the most efficient water consumption systems. Not only do these trucks carry 80 gallons of fresh water, they can re-supply from any water source and purify to potable water with an onboard filtration system. Hot water cycling systems keep fresh water out of your grey tank while you wait for the hot water to reach the faucet. All water lines and all but one tank sit inside the insulated house, with a fan that moves warm air into these areas when the heater is on in cold climates. Circulate the water between the inside and outside tanks to provide yet another way to prevent freezing lines.
  • Microwave mounted into the ceiling
  • Arctic Breeze air conditioner, 12v DC power, 8000 BTU/hr @ 230 cfm
  • Composting toilet
  • Sky bed (sleeps 2 small kids, or 1 adult under 150 lbs)
  • Bug screen for the main house door
  • Up to 720 AH of Lithium batteries
  • Thermal barrier and privacy screen for cab pass-through
  • Outdoor slide-out kitchen
  • Chassis Construction
  • Dimensions & Capacities
  • House Construction

base chassis

Fuso EC 4×4, body on-frame


6.0 Liter Vortec V8, gasoline

Horse Power

297 HP


361 lb-ft


Allison 1000 6 speed automatic transmission with EarthCruiser programming

Transfer Case and Gear Ratios

Two Speed HERO with 1-1 high and 1-4.33 low Drive options: 2WD High rear, 2WD High front, 2WD Low rear, 2WD Low front, 4WD High, 4WD Low


Heavy Duty 1410 driveline components


EarthCruiser designed Dynatrac ProRock 80 Front axle, Pro Series 80 Full-Float Rear axle. Warn locking hubs. ARB Air Locker Differential front and rear.


14” front and rear disk brakes

EC Onboard Air System

Two compressors (100% duty cycle, 1.2 cfm @ 100 psi completely submersible) for a total of 2.4 cfm, 5 gal. tank, 145 psi max. system pressure, adjustable regulator w/ gauge, single coil hose, air nozzle

Rear Backup Camera

Large monitor located where rearview mirror should be, and can be shut off if needed

Ground Clearance

Bottom of diff: 11.25” Bottom of axle: 15.25”

wheel base

134 ” / 3403 mm

overall length

250 ” / 6350 mm *

overall height

104″ ROOF DOWN* — 126.5″ ROOF UP*

overall width

81″ / 2057 mm

width with mirrors out

99″ / 2515 mm

Wet weight


Fuel capacity

60 gallons

Camper Chassis mounted to the vehicle chassis with EC kinetic mount system

Domed molded, insulated roof that is electronically lifting with manual override; requires no locks or latches to operate raising and lowering of roof

Molded, structurally insulated, fiberglass walls & floor – 1″ (25.5 mm) thickness


81″ / 2057mm molded, structurally insulated, fiberglass entry door w/ programmable keypad dead bolt lock

Molded, structurally insulated, fiberglass locker box doors w/ two keyed compression locks

Triple-layer laminated flexible upper wall incl. 8 windows w/ insect, privacy screens and clear vinyl YKK zippers. Rated -22 to +158 deg F.

Dometic Side windows (casement-type, incl. privacy and insect screens)

Electrically operated entry stairs

Locks / latches flush or recessed

Side mounted awning

Body side skirts, rear wheel arch flares, tool boxes