The Creation of #AdventureMOD

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Drink Beer Outside

If there is two things you quickly learn living in Bend, Oregon it is that the great outdoors and beer are like two peas in a pod. Of course you can enjoy one without the other, but who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire in the middle of nowhere sipping a good pale ale? OK OK wine might be your thing, or a fancy LaCroix, but we live in Bend… and that hoppy beverage is king.

Hanging out with our pals over at 10 Barrel Brewing, we got to talking about their Drink Beer Outside event. It features their signature Trail Beer and they are having pop-up events all over the PNW. They are putting on yoga in the park, partnering with REI with cool give-aways, and even hosting fun campouts. Sounds great right?!!

Then we got to sharing our new MOD camper project, and how the platform is designed to be whatever the user wants. Jokingly one of the guys asked if it could be a mobile beer dispenser, which is when the light bulb came on for all of us. …OF COURSE IT COULD! Soon we were off partnering up on developing the Adventure MOD.

The adventure MOD uses the front storage container to hold 2 kegs and a tap system. It has been a blast to build, and because we use insulated composite construction it acts like a giant cooler… just fill with ice and go. The Adventure MOD will be making it’s an appearance at Snowvana in Portland on October 19-20th, and possibly a few shows around Bend in September.

Make sure you take a picture and #AdventureMOD to win cool swag.