Camp Cooking Recipe: “Soulless Sailor” Cocktail

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EarthCruiser Service Manager, Alex Azevedo, is known for his detailed knowledge of our vehicles. He’s also the President of the company’s Social Club and knows how to mix a mean cocktail.

His signature winter drink is what he had dubbed the “Soulless Sailor.” This concoction came about after long, cold days of snow machining (Alaskan for riding Snowmobiles) with friends in Alaska. He was looking for something to warm them up on those chilly adventures. Alex has always been partial to a Dark and Stormy, a drink made from dark rum and ginger beer, so when friends from Michigan told him about an old recipe from back home made with ginger ale, he was hooked.

Alex’s “Soulless Sailor” is made from warmed Vernors Ginger Ale and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. He insists the ginger ale must be Vernons, the oldest surviving American brand of ginger ale, known for its creamy ginger and vanilla taste. Though it may sound counter-intuitive to warm up a soda, he assures us the result is a delicious elixir that will warm your bones on those cold winter adventures. Alex swears this cocktail holds the key to igniting the courage to continue on even when the temperature drops.


  • Vernors Ginger Ale – 8oz
  • Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum – 1.5oz


Warm the ginger ale over a stove to just below a boil. Add rum and serve in a camp mug.

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