OSU-Cascades CareerLift Podcast with Lance Gillies

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Looking for a new podcast for that hike or bike ride this weekend?

Give a listen to “CareerLift Podcast“, brought to you by the Career Development Center at OSU-Cascades. Each week, career coaches, Rachel and Laura explore different topics to help students continue designing the career they want. They regularly feature industry professionals giving advice on how to “give your career a lift”.

We appreciated the invitation for Lance to be featured and have the opportunity to share advice. It’s important to take time and mentor young brilliant minds. We have a long-standing friendship with OSU and have worked with several of their students.

The hosts said: “I really enjoyed recording this episode and chatting with Lance. This episode is full of so much life advice for surrounding yourself with the right people, living your life to the fullest extent, and is an incredibly inspiring, fun, and down to earth journey to follow you. You WILL be inspired to travel after listening to this episode.” 

Find the podcast here (it’s available on all major platforms).

Local Bend Company: EarthCruiser with Co-Founder & CEO, Lance Gillie‪s‬

In this episode, we are joined by Lance Gilles- founder and CEO of local overland vehicle company, EarthCruiser. EarthCruisers are, simply put, “engineered for adventure” and serve as “your go-anywhere, do-anything adventure machine for life.” We learn so much from Lance in this episode about business and life, the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, and hear some sage life advice about truly living your best life. We chat about the difficulties encountered when moving EarthCruiser from Australia to Bend, Oregon, how EarthCruiser was born from a personal need for a better overland vehicle, and how the powerhouse vehicle has reached people throughout the world.

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