Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Akeo Maifeld-Carucci

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Meet EarthCruiser Crew Member Akeo

Akeo has been part of the EarthCruiser team for little over 5 months now.  With an engineering degree from Harvard, he brings a great deal of knowledge to design solutions and problem-solving.  Akeo likes that the company is small and that the atmosphere is a team effort and not just a production line. He hopes to continue growing with the company as an element of a team that wants to develop sustainability by increasing the efficiency of water use as well as solar management.

Born and raised in Bozeman Montana, Akeo acquired a passion for skiing.  He is currently in training and will soon compete in the upcoming Olympic trials!  Apart from skiing, he also enjoys trail running, biking, rock climbing and mountaineering.  Akeo’s presence is one of a kind, so we have not narrowed down his spirit animal just yet.  However, he envisions it might be an owl, wolf, or caribou.  If he could be present in another historically significant time period, it would be the civil rights movement.


Now let’s get to the fun “what-if” questions!


If Akeo could only pick 1 food item and 1 beverage to drink for the rest of his life, he would choose a burrito and water.

If he had a superpower, it would be the ability to create a precise emotional response with people and animals.

He would like to spend the day with Obama if he could pick anyone of his choice.

Jerry from Tom and Jerry would be his cartoon character if he had to be one.

If given the following extraordinary attributes:

      • Ability to control weather
      • Fountain of youth; never die, never age or become sick
      • Superhuman strength; can lift 200x your own body weight
      • Ability to read minds, with this comes to the ability to disappear

Akeo would pick the last option, the ability to read minds and disappear.

And if he won the lottery he would invest money in renewable energy technology development and expansion in developing countries!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know an EarthCruiser crew member!

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