CORE, a division of EarthCruiser, and Total Composites Partner to Bring Chassis and House Solution to DIY Market

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Last August we announced the formation of CORE Vehicles, a new business division focused on serving the DIY overlanding crowd and commercial market needs. CORE Vehicles line of 4X4 truck chassis are designed for a broad range of commercial applications, ranging from fire fighting, construction, law enforcement and Do-It-Yourself expedition truck builders that maintain the highest standards of EPA certification and brake testing.

CORE Vehicles has entered into a strategic partnership with Total Composites Ltd, a premium supplier of composite truck bodies for commercial truck and motor home builders that offers innovative, ready-to-assemble truck body kits. Their products are developed specifically for road and off-road going vehicles in all climate zones and their thermal transfer-free construction allows for a no-compromise 4-season camping experience. 

John Stafford, business development director for CORE Vehicles said:

“EarthCruiser has been known for creating bespoke customer specific turnkey overland vehicles. With CORE and Total Composites we are giving the consumer the opportunity to build their overland vehicle of their dreams. 

This partnership provides a virtual one stop shop for the overland DIY consumer who wants to create their own space and trust they’re working with a safe DOT legal chassis and best-in-class chassis-house combination that stands up to the rigors of overland life on the road. We have a storied proven chassis from Earth Cruiser combined with a solid state of the art house from Total Composites which provides the consumer with a best in class DIY solution.”

Popular with the DIY market, Total Composites has experienced significant demand for their flat packed composite expedition truck bodies the last several years. It is a natural fit to marry the TC empty shell house with the CORE chassis to give customers the ultimate blank canvas to build their dream expedition vehicle.

Andreas Schwall, Founder and CEO of Total Composites said: 

“This offering is perfect for adventurers looking to build an expedition truck on their own but struggle in sourcing the chassis, camper body and most importantly the subframe. Total Composites offers the best ready-to-go kit. This arrangement makes it very easy for the customer to purchase the truck and camper at one location to simplify the process and most likely shave off months on research and planning. Reduced shipping cost due to higher volume passes on huge savings due to standardized features (no need to generate new drawings and countless emails to get details right). The customer will also get the knowledge from two well established companies who have known each other for years. The end result is a superior product with solid customer support with  people that know the product in and out.” 

CORE Vehicles will stock Total Composite flat packed bodies at our Bend, OR headquarters to allow for faster turnaround times for customers who want a CORE chassis including a torsion free subframe, with either the flat packed body or assembled by CORE Vehicles. Accessories like windows, roof hatches, diesel heaters, water boilers and more can be directly ordered through Total Composites.

Pricing as of February 2021:

Pricing for the CORE chassis: starting just over $100,000 for a base model available in Single and Dual Cab.

Pricing for the flat packaged TC body: US$14,919.00** (includes materials, Tern Overland entry door and other fees; standard 14′ body size)

**NOT included: Shipping, assembly, additional work by CORE Vehicles

Total Composites is currently putting together the first shipment to CORE and has room to add in orders. If you have been contemplating getting on board, now is the time. You can save significantly in shipping by joining the first batch of Total Composite bodies going to Bend OR.

For more details contact:

John or 541-706-9101


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