Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Jeremy Evans

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Meet Jeremy Evans

Jeremy has been part of the EarthCruiser team for little over 8 months now.  With a mind of curiosity for automobiles, he brings a great amount of mechanical knowledge to the team. He likes that the company focuses on using great quality products and builds high-quality vehicles. He hopes the Overlanding industry will continue to grow in the United States and be as big as some of the other countries like Australia!

Jeremy was born in Austin, TX but has moved all over Texas and the Gulf. Interesting fact, in his 35 years of existence he has moved 27 times. When he is not working, he enjoys four-wheeling in the snow during the Winter and power boating in the Summer. He hopes to one day travel to Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Jeremy says he is not afraid of much, but cotton mouth water moccasins do scare him.

Now let’s get to the fun “what – if” questions!

“What – If” Questions

If Jeremy were an animal, he would be a jaguar.

If he could only pick 1 food item and 1 beverage to drink for the rest of his life, he would pick Vietnamese food and water.

Growing up his family had a plane and he has always wanted to get his pilot license. So if he had a superpower, it would be the ability to fly.

Buying a house with property for his parents would be the first item he would purchase if he won the lottery.

And if he could be a cartoon character it would be Batman, because as we all know Batman is the best superhero!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know EarthCruiser crew member Jeremy!

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