EarthCruiser Owners Rally Leg 1 – Part 3

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Day 4 – Journey Back to Bend, Oregon

On day four we head back to the town of Escalante to meet up with the rest of the EC owners who will head out on leg 2 of the trip. We have a quick lunch then hit the road for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Heading back to Oregon

We ran into some snow while driving through Dixie National Forest.

Heading back to Oregon

Campsite at Spanish Fork Peak.

Day 5 – Reach the Oregon Border Before Sunset!

On day five we had one goal, make it to our campsite before sunset. Of course, this was only a challenge because after an hour detour and a huge brunch at Cracker Barrel (suggested by one of the owners on the trip) the 450-mile drive might not get us there until after dark.  But we made, just in time!

Heading back to Oregon

Found a nice spot off on a dirt road in Owyhee, Oregon

Heading back to Oregon

Day 6 – Last day

Day six was the last day of our travels. About a 4-hour drive home to Bend, Oregon. Not wanting the trip to be over, we made the best of the few hours left. In a small town off a dirt road is a beautiful river and a few very hot, hot springs! We stopped here for a quick dip and lunch!