Vortec 6.0 liter v8 gasoline engine

Powering this brand-new EarthCruiser is a gasoline engine that offers twice the displacement of its diesel counterpart. The additional horsepower and torque make it easier to cruise at highway speeds, and provide plenty of low end power for navigating rough, off-road terrain.

Allison 1000 automatic transmission

The iconic Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic transmission was built for smooth, uninterrupted shifting and exceptional fuel efficiency. It relies on adaptive technology which integrates the transmission with the engine control module to continuously monitor driver input and calculate ideal shift strategies for the particular driving conditions.

2 speed transfer case

We have been listening… Expect a supremely capable, performance born high/low gear transfer case to be your go to feature when the going gets rough.

Heavy duty axles

We challenged ourselves to create the ultimate expedition vehicle platform, and this starts with a robust, durable foundation. The new EarthCruiser will be fitted to customized axles, purpose built to take a beating.

4 wheel disk brakes

To compliment the V8’s increased HP, we’ve added 4-wheel disc brakes.  These will allow for better heat dissipation and provide greater stopping power, improving confidence on the highway and off.

Customized gear ratios

It’s hard to get the most out of a truck without diving deep into the underlying mathematics. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to develop gear ratios specifically designed to deliver the most power while saving the most fuel.

Front and rear locking differentials

When the going gets stuck, there is nothing that works better to unstick your rig than 4 wheels equally powered, all turning at the same time, at the same speed. Pray you’ll never need it, but you can thank us when you do.

Additional Features

We aren’t stopping with updates to the chassis. We’re pulling out all stops and will be making the living quarters more enjoyable inside and out.

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