EC Terranova – Sneak Peak Interior Renderings

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Our EC Terranova Cab Over Expedition Camper is in production and scheduled for an April, 2021 release. In our last design update, we touched upon the unique features and thoughtful design for this vehicle that include maximizing space and storage, functionality and comfort.  We are very excited to share a sneak peak of the interior.

“Loft Area” 

Our loft area is purposefully designed with an expanded roof-top height which will allow customers the ability to sit up in bed and take in the incredible 365 views. The Comfortable bed mattress was cleverly designed to maximize space when in use and staying out of the way when not. The last foot of the bed flips down to give you the length of a standard RV Queen bed so you can sleep north to south in the camper making it so you don’t have to climb over your partner when exiting the bed.


“The Lounge”

Work area? Dinner party? Lounge? We re-imagined the traditional dinette space for the EC Terranova. There is increased demand to work and live on the road so we created a multi-functional lounge area featuring a standard table leg but with track sliders to support a number of positions depending on what you’re doing in the space and how you want to sit or stand. This area can also be easily converted to a sleeping space for two children or one adult comfortably.



Steps & Storage 

The steps pull out to access the loft area or can be pushed back to be flush with the cabinet all the while providing key storage options. The step drawers are blended into the cabinet with the top drawers functioning as normal drawers. The bottom two drawers are reinforced pop-out boxes with textured lids for anti-slippage, so heading into the loft in socks is no problem.


Function Meets Form

Our Kitchen is outfitted with an induction cooktop and refrigerator – both tried and true customer favorites. The Terranova will have our standard compostable toilet that still slides and stows away, a feature that’s a main selling point for a lot of our owners.

Click here download a pdf of the Terranova interior renderings.


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