How warm is the EarthCruiser in cold conditions?

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EarthCruiser utilizes a Webasto Dual Top evo diesel system to provide both hot water and hot air for room (space) heating within the camper during cold weather. The Dual Top evo is an integrated air and water heating system that provides cabin heating and hot water in all seasons. Full climatic heating is user controlled by the adjustable thermostat on the command panel. The Webasto units are fed from the main fuel tank, so you need to keep fuel in the main tank if you need to use the heater, water heater or cooktop.  The Dual Top can operate while the vehicle is in motion, providing hot water and a warm camper at all times including on arrival at camp. The unit has a duct through the camper floor and to the outside of the camper side (the forward stainless steel outlet on passenger side).

More information can be found on the Webasto website in the link below.


How often does the heater cycle, and in cold weather like you’ve shown, how many hours can the heater run? 

There are a few variables in your question. In general though the system will cycle about every 30 minutes to maintain that temperature. Run time again is hard to give a figure, it does depend. What we can say is that a EC will have a  run time of approximately 50 hours with out any charge source. That includes the fridge, cooker , heater , lights and fans all of the electrical systems including the roof. The vehicle start batteries are isolated.

When should I start the heater while driving or at camp?

We recommend you start the heater on low when driving to your destination. The unit runs on diesel and is very efficient, usage is minimal at 0.19 to 0.66 Liter per hour.  That way when you arrive at your destination your cab is warm and hot water is readily available.