Internship @ EarthCruiser – Gage Charon

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EarthCruiser Summer Internship with Gage Charon


Intern: Gage Charon

High School: Mountain View High School

Year: Senior – Class of 2019


EarthCruiser Intern Gage


Why did you apply to be an intern at EarthCruiser?

To learn more about how things are engineered and made.


What have you learned so far from your internship at EarthCruiser?

I have learned that there is much more that is taken into consideration when engineering a product than, “does it fit”. The product must be sturdy, weight conscious and cost effective.


What is your favorite part about interning at EarthCruiser?

My favorite part is thinking through a problem to find a solution and seeing that solution work. I also enjoy being around the large truck.


Would you recommend this internship to a friend?



What would you like to do after high school?

I would like to become a mechanical engineer.


Have you already applied to college and if so which college?

Not yet.


What has been your participation on the Nissan Patrol?

I have participated in the jerry can holder design and the bracket for the new seats.

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