Internship @ EarthCruiser – Ian Ray

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EarthCruiser Summer Internship with Ian Ray

Intern: Ian Ray

High School: Bend Senior High

Year: Senior – Class of 2018

EarthCruiser Intern Ian Ray


Why did you want to be an intern at EarthCruiser?

I wanted to be an intern here so I could learn engineering and manufacturing workshop skills.


What have you learned so far from your internship here?

I have developed my skills using Solid Works to design and assemble parts. I have also developed my skills in the shop, especially in the woodworking area.


What is your favorite part about interning at EarthCruiser?

I enjoyed the internship, but I liked designing parts in Solid Works the most.


Would you recommend this internship to your friends?

If a friend was interested in an internship here, I would recommend it. Working here gave me experience in a fully operational engineering company and I feel that experience is valuable.


What would you like to do after high school?

After High School, I plan to attend a four-year university. There I plan to major in chemical engineering while fulfilling the requirements for pre-medicine. After I receive my Bachelor’s Degree I plan to attend medical school.


Have you already applied to college and if so which colleges?

I have already applied to Montana State University and The Colorado School of Mines. I plan to apply to Oregon State, Colorado and Colorado State as well.


What has been your participation on the Nissan Patrol build?

My Participation was limited until near the end of my internship. However, I have assisted in designing seat brackets and the center console for the Patrol.