Introducing The Evado: An Overland Van Like No Other

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It’s not every day that we get the pleasure of welcoming a new member into the EC family, today is a special day. Please welcome, Evado.

EarthCruiser Evado Concept Rendering

With the introduction of body-on-frame AWD Transit and Sprinter cab chassis to the US market, we can finally produce a truly capable overlanding vehicle constructed on a van platform. Prior to this, and likely well into the future, the other “overlanding” vans you see have been constructed on unibody platforms. While unibody platforms have suited many lives well, the payload limitations and other factors have been a roadblock in creating a vehicle that’s able to meet our strict standards of off-road and off-grid excellence. If you’re curious about the differences, make sure to check out our article that dives into pros and cons of unibody vs body-on-frame construction methods.

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For Release: Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 10a.m. ET

BEND, OR – EarthCruiser is pleased to announce the launch of their latest model, the Evado. This next evolution of the EarthCruiser family of overlanding vehicles will be constructed on the familiar Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD chassis. The Evado introduces an accessible yet fully capable option built on the same globally proven, purpose-built principles as their EXP, FX, and Terranova models.

Setting the Evado apart from the crowded field of overlanding vans, EarthCruiser has adapted their industry-leading molded-fiberglass insulated house construction, kinetic mounting technology, and purpose-built design ethos to this design. The result is the most capable, durable, and functional expedition van ever produced. 

“For years, we’ve had inquiries from customers wondering why we don’t offer an EC model built on a van platform when seemingly everyone does,” EarthCruiser founder Lance Gillies said. “Now, with Ford and Mercedes offering body-on-frame (also known as cab-chassis) AWD options for the Ford AWD Transit and Mercedes AWD Sprinter in the United States, we are confident we can produce true overlanding capable vehicles on a van platform. This expansion of the EC line is part of our larger plans to offer more chassis choices to our customers as technology brings more opportunities for our customers.”

Like all EarthCruiser models, the Evado continues a legacy of vehicles built for longevity. The Evado benefits from the same composite construction and signature build quality as seen in every EarthCruiser product. It also introduces a few innovative features new to the EarthCruiser line. An optional interior storage compartment can hold two bicycles, and a standard stand-up pass-through allows for ease of movement between the cab and house.

Furthering their commitment to quality and innovation, customization packages for the Evado feature top-of-the-line aftermarket accessories and add-ons. From light bars to microwaves to extended power storage, the options are vast and designed to integrate seamlessly, allowing customers to tailor their vehicle to their lifestyle.

To learn more or reserve your Evado, contact EarthCruiser at [email protected] or 541-706-9101

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