Meet Your Service Department: Alex and James

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We want to introduce everyone to Alex and James, the EarthCruiser Service Department. Chances are you’ve already met them or spoken with them on the phone. This is the team you’ll want to contact when you have questions about servicing, repairs, or upgrades for your EarthCruiser vehicle.

Alex Azevedo: Service Manager

Alex has been with EarthCruiser for two years. Previously, he served as a Master Service Technician with Subaru and worked as a subcontractor building houses in his home state of Alaska. Alex calls himself a “Recovered Ski Bum” and is currently an avid mountain biker. When he’s not managing repairs and upgrades to our vehicles, you can find him in his role as EarthCruiser’s Social Club President.

Alex’s favorite part of his job is his interactions with customers and EarthCruiser’s technicians. He is passionate about delivering customer service like he always wanted to as a technician and providing management to technicians like he had wanted it provided to him.

His favorite feature of EarthCruiser’s vehicles is their ability to take you places that other people can’t go.

James Faler: Customer Service Technician

In the five and a half years he’s worked for EarthCruiser, James has served as a Production Technician, Production Manager, and now a Customer Service Technician. James knows our vehicles inside and out. James started building things at the age of 13, working with his family in construction. He has spent time building custom windows and doors, and managing warehouses. When he’s not working on vehicles at EarthCruiser, he likes to enjoy time with his son and family, going camping, boating, and metal detecting.

James’s favorite part of his job is making customers happy and watching them leave with a smile on their faces.

His favorite feature of EarthCruiser’s vehicles is their overall capability of what they can do.