MOD makes it to Overland Expo

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The MOD prototype is loaded, and on its trek to Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ.

It’s Friday night and a final turn of the allen wrench secures the dinette seat kit to the MOD proto-type. Mounted on our shop Tundra, it is ready for the 1,100 mile journey to Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ. As the sun was setting we pulled it out of the shop, and parked it next to pro mountain biker Ryan Leech’s beautiful Ram PowerWagon carrying his newly outfitted GZL 400. The white to grey contrast during sunset was great to capture, and it was great to just sit back and take it in.

The MOD was completed just in time to join a caravan of EarthCruisers on an owners trip down to Overland Expo. The journey would take 4 days, and explore backroads in Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It was a great way to test out the interior mounting system, and how the kit concept worked.

Being modular the biggest challenge was water storage, as we didn’t want to use a water tank that couldn’t be removed from the interior. Our solution was utilizing jerry cans to serve this purpose, and it has been working like a dream. The kitchen kit was designed to store two jerry cans under the sink unit, one for fresh water and one for grey. When in use a 12v pump plugs into a one of the 12-volt outlets that come standard in the MOD, and connects the fresh water jerry can to the kitchen tap. A simple hose can easily be routed into the empty grey water jerry from the sink drain. Simple, easy, and expandable as you can carry any number of jerry cans depending on how much water you need for a trip.

To keep our food and beer cold, we developed a refrigeration kit that carries an Isotherm fridge with additional storage. It also easily plugs into the base electrical system, and we plan to make this expandable to carry different sizes of refrigerators or popular coolers that many people already own.

The final kit was seating, as that is something most people will want for their MOD setup. The seats are pretty basic, and create storage boxes underneath. They can also be taken in and out of the MOD in a matter of minutes.

The crew and EarthCruiser owners were impressed on how the MOD design withstood the trip over washboard roads, technical rock sections, steep climbs, and daily use. It functioned perfectly as a livable space to cook in, shower, sleep, or just hang out inside. We’re excited to show off the prototype at Overland Expo, so if you’re going to be at the show come introduce yourself to the MOD at our EarthCruiser booth P12 and P22.