Pre-Race Scrutineering

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Getting race ready… or just having a beer.

As Chad and I pull into the Residence Inn at Redondo Beach, it feels like we are entering the set of the next Mad Max movie. Every parking spot taken by bikes, buggy’s, SUVs, small trucks, large trucks, REALLY large trucks, and even some sports cars outfitted with off-road tires. Racing gear is everywhere, people are changing tires, fixing suspension, or already searching for the last beer in the ice of their cooler. Finding the EarthCruiser crew, it wasn’t too hard, we had a quick chat then headed inside the hotel for the race check in.


After getting our team number, #86, we went back out to reorganize the Tacoma and put on the huge race stickers we were given for the MOD camper. Lance already had them installed one the other trucks, and decided it best to have our own pre-race briefing meeting at 5pm.

Everyone gathered up, and we went through the details of what to expect and how we planning to travel as a group. We exchanged numbers, shared important medical information, and did a short test of everyone’s communication gear. All set, we decided to regroup around 6:30pm for a parking lot BBQ!

The race will start at 5:30am tomorrow morning, so you had to be careful not to over indulge during the meet and greet. It is custom in these races to bring adult drinks from your town, and share them with other racers. Lucky for us 10 Barrel Brewing sent us a bunch of beer for the trip. We had enough for every racer, and it was definitely a crowd favorite.

Tomorrow will be an early day, and we hope to get far away from LA before the highways block up. Here are some pictures of the vehicles we saw tonight, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of them like we did.

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