Traveling and Visiting Friends in Malaysia

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Why EarthCruiser is a Great Truck to Travel in!

There are many reasons why traveling in an EarthCruiser is great!  Here is another reason why. Isamal a friend of Lance and Michelle has invited them to his home. In the picture below is his very nice Land Cruiser on a  very small two lane road. Lance and Michelle followed him onto this street that is not meant for large vehicles. The corners are tight, but the EarthCruiser fits. Simple stuff we know, but who would want to miss out on a visit with a friend!


On this two-lane road we need to be extra careful, as left hand drive vehicles drive on the left side of the road. Meaning Lance has no idea what is coming around that corner! The forward-facing camera just paid for itself! The forward-facing camera is not much use on highway speeds, but in these common low speed situations they make all the sense.


More adventures when traveling with an EarthCruiser

They just had to check it out! International driver license was in order. Thanks for just a warning fellas!


This is also another two-lane road to a small village. We would not be making a great first impression by A: wrecking their only access road in an over-sized vehicle or B: forcing other vehicles into the jungle to pass. So, proceeding with caution is a must for all parties involved driving on a road like this.


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