#VanLife is About To Get A Lot More Offroad Capable

Adventure vans are more popular today than ever,

and it was proven with how many custom outfitters were showing their goods at Overland Expo West. When outfitted a 4×4 van is a great home on the road, giving you lots of interior space and a quick and easy pass through to the drivers seat. They can go a lot of places, but have some restrictions compared to popular american made 4×4 trucks.

While we love the #vanlife lifestyle, we want to go farther and stay longer to best enjoy our favorite recreational activities. This brings us to our new concept turning prototype… the EXD-350.

The EXD-350 is a shortened EarthCruiser house, made to fit on the back of a 1 ton pickup truck. Why? We wanted the powerful American made  drivetrain that can easily be upgraded and maintained. We wanted more ground clearance,  protection for critical components, and a larger payload and towing capability. Most of all we wanted all this with a pass-through to a kitchen, bathroom, functional living area and a bed we didn’t have to climb a ladder to get into.

Too much to ask, we think not, so we’re building one. Right now things are looking pretty good, but we have a ways to go. If you think this is a brilliant idea, sign up to get more info as our prototype develops.