World Travelers: Uwe and Meg

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Uwe dreamed of the day he could go off grid and travel the world. After retiring and doing 5 years of research he found EarthCruiser. He said the major selling points were the size, functionality, and craftsmanship in the vehicle. Uwe and his wife Meg purchased their EarthCruiser in 2010 and never looked back. Recently, I caught up with Ewe and Meg when they stopped by our headquarters in Bend, Oregon.
In May, they entered the U.S via the Port of Tacoma, Washington with a their EarthCruiser in a shipping container. Trying to travel off-road as much as possible they visited Alaska, Canada , Arctic Circle, and eventually landing on the East Coast. As they traveled back to the West they stopped by many of the national parks. As the weather cools they will travel to Southwest U.S making stops in Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, and eventually Galveston, Texas where they will ship their EarthCruiser to England and begin their European tour.
CampAB@WilcoxCampground_3   EC2010@DevilsTower_3
                   Alberta, Canada                                                         Devils Tower
EC2010@ViewColioRange EC2010@TetonRange_5
                            Montana                                                          Teton Range
CampAK@GulkanaRiverSalmonSpawingViewpoint  CampMT@TwoMedicineGlacierNP_2
                             Alaska                                                                 Montana
Uwe said after Europe they will likely take some down time in Australia for a year before planning a trip to South Africa. He said, “Taking some down time between trips makes you come back twice as excited to hit the road again.” Thanks for stopping by Uwe and Meg it was a pleasure to catch up with you.
EC2010 Loading_06EC2010@ArticCircleWaysideMile115_2
                 Easy Shipping                                                                Ewe and Meg
Enjoy the journey!


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