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Introducing EarthCruiser Adventure: Small group overland adventures exclusively for EarthCruiser owners.

Each EarthCruiser Adventure is built with the self-sufficiency and capabilities of EarthCruiser vehicles in mind.

We foster an immersive environment by spending our evenings in remote campgrounds, dispersed camps, and rural villages  – though, of course, we like to indulge in life’s little luxuries too. Our Tour Leaders work with local guides and experts to provide authentic experiences and interactions. Activities are tailored to best match the interests and skills of participants.

Along the way, your Tour Leader will be there to ensure the logistics of each day run smoothly and provide support and leadership. The goal of every trip is for our owners to gain further confidence in their vehicles and themselves. We’ll make new friends and enjoy some pretty epic views along the way.

Crafted Experiences

We have carefully designed our trips with the capabilities of our vehicles and owners in mind. We explore off the beaten path. Our experiences are as unique as our vehicles and those who drive them. Our Adventures live up to our motto: go further, stay longer.

Small Groups

Each Adventure is limited to an exclusive group of EarthCruiser vehicle owners. Small groups mean access to experiences and places that can't support larger groups. It means tailored, individual attention from trip leaders and the flexibility to explore. It means conversations and inspiration from like-minded traveling companions.

Expert Leaders

Our tour leaders draw from years of experience guiding overland expeditions the world over. They bring specialized knowledge in driving, navigation, and logistics. Their expertise means you'll spend less time worrying and more time exploring.

Responsible Travel

Making sure the places we love to explore are protected for the next generation means respecting local cultures, giving back to local communities, and leaving each campsite better than we found it. Each Adventure includes activities and partners that invest in the areas we visit.

earthcruiser adventure

Our destinations

Be a part of the inaugural Adventure! This trip will depart from the first Overland Expo Pacific Northwest near EarthCruiser headquarters in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We will drive Oregon’s rugged dirt and gravel backroads to the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, camp on the playa of the Alvord Desert, and explore the slot canyons of the Owyhee.

On our first international trip, we will drive the length of the Baja Peninsula from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas via the less traveled roads. We will camp on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, navigate desert canyons in search of hidden oases, and even go for a swim with the world’s largest fish.

Who says the fun has to stop in the winter? On this Adventure, we’ll explore the mountain backroads of Montana, focusing on building winter driving and camping skills. Along the way, we’ll seek out the very best in backcountry scenery and go in search of some of America’s iconic wildlife.

This epic journey crosses The Last Frontier from its rugged coast to the mighty Denali. We’ll walk on glaciers, spend an afternoon with sled dogs, and look for whales in hidden bays and fjords on the coast. We’ll drive the state’s most iconic and scenic backroads and learn from local experts how to best experience the state’s wilderness

Be a part of the first overseas Adventure. This grand journey will begin at the southern tip of Africa, where you will experience stunning scenery, award-winning wines, and commune with penguins. You will continue north into the vast desert-scapes of Namibia, navigating the country’s extensive network of dirt and gravel roads. You will visit the world-class Etosha National Park, where you will view Africa’s legendary wildlife up close from the comfort of your EarthCruiser.

This epic Adventure begins with a journey across the Kalahari region of Namibia and into Botswana. From there, you will venture deep into the heart of the Okavango Delta, where you’ll experience challenging drives through one of the wildest areas of Africa. You will navigate river crossings, deep sand, and herds of elephants, finishing at the legendary Victoria Falls in Zambia.

More to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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