Disaster Relief in Kota Bharu – Day Three

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4×4 Malaysia Relief – Day Three

Day three and completion is getting close. LED lights are fitted in the “breeze way” between the two bedrooms. In Malaysia 240-volt power is used and fuse boxes are professionally installed. This is the 14th house 4×4 Relief Malaysia has made in the last 12 months. The next project is a traditional long house.  Which there is no road access what so ever to the “site”.

The results are not looking to shabby! The restaurant will move under the awning, and this will also serve as the families dining room and family room. The road heads to the beach, which is a very popular holiday destination. There are dozens of small restaurants that line up on this road every day, each with their own specialty.

So, it does not look like much, but the quality of food and the amount of people they provide for out this kitchen, without refrigeration, is amazing. Once again strongly recommend the fried chicken.

With the en-suite all but complete, the crew found some time afterwards to start planting native trees and building a garden. The family grows as much as they can for the restaurant, which is typical in rural South East Asia.

Ready to Move in!

With everything packed up time for a few happy snaps, EarthCruiser Alpha is always a popular backdrop!

 This makes it official, it’s late Sunday night and they are all finished! Congratulations 4×4 Relief Malaysia on a job well done! We were extremely honored to have a very small part in the building process.

But that is still not the end! Nothing happens without food, especially a goodbye. Sadly, for us this is where we leave our friends and head back into the jungle before EarthCruiser Alpha heads back to the US!

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