EarthCruiser Adventure Preview: Montana Winter Adventure

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One of our owner’s favorite features of EarthCruiser vehicles is their true four-season capabilities. This means the winter months, when parks and trails are least crowded, are open to enjoy and explore. The Montana Winter Adventure has been specially designed to build confidence in winter driving, recovery, and camping skills, along with experiencing private, exclusive access to one of the world’s most iconic national parks.

On this Adventure, we will spend three days exploring Yellowstone National Park during the winter, when wildlife viewing and stunning vistas are at their finest. We will spend a full day in the park on a private snowcoach tour led by Forrest Rowland. Forrest is a local to the area and a world-renowned wildlife guide. His knowledge of the area’s birds, mammals, and natural history is unparalleled, and he will be sharing his expertise with us throughout our time in the park.

On night five, we have the unique opportunity to spend a night deep in the Yellowstone backcountry at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. This historic ranch was established in 1907 to preserve Yellowstone’s bison after they had been hunted to near extinction. We have the very rare and special honor of spending the night here in the ranch’s rustic cabins and participating in guided wildlife tracking on foot. That evening we will be treated to a private meal and cooking demonstration by local chef Mike LaGodny featuring local and wild ingredients.

We’ll also drive some of Montana’s most scenic back roads. Participants will pick up new skills in winter driving, recovery, and camping, including special instruction in winching and traction management. We will spend two nights camping in Montana’s stunning backcountry, including a night deep in the Crazy Mountains – a part of the state that sees few visitors, especially during the winter months. We’ll tour the Hyalite Canyon region, renowned for jaw-dropping frozen waterfalls that attract some of the best ice climbers on the planet.

This is truly a unique Adventure with exclusive, private access and instruction. Participants will be sure to return home with incredible wildlife and landscape photographs, confidence in their winter camping and driving skills, and new friends within the EathCruiser family.