EarthCruiser Alpha Arrives in a Box

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Alpha Arrives in Malaysia

Before Alpha arrives to go explore Malaysia we must get everything in order with customs.  Upon arrival from the US, to leave the port, customs officials must first inspect the cargo “EarthCruiser Alpha”. After review customs then reseals the container.


With everything in order, it is our choice to have EarthCruiser Alpha delivered to the freight forwarder premises. Typical is what is known as “swing lift”, not all companies have them, but many do. They are a quick economic method of delivering containers to the ground.


In about 10 minutes the container is off the truck and is ready to unload.


Next, we check the seals to confirm they are correct and then open the doors. Our forwarder was very professional, had good gear and well maintained. The staff knew their business! The ramp arrives in no time to drive the EarthCruiser out and meet Malaysia!


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