Getting to Know EarthCruiser Crew Member Vincent Vierck

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Meet Vincent!

Vincent has been part of the EarthCruiser team for two and half years.  As the Product Development Engineer, his vision, creativity, and hands-on experience adds great value to our team. Vincent enjoys the EarthCruiser atmosphere because our small group of crew members can voice their creative opinions and work together on projects they personally designed. He likes that the vehicles are sensible and every component is thought through for a specific purpose. He hopes the overland industry will continue to grow and become more of a family gathering to get more children out in the wilds.

Brush Prairie, Washington is where Vincent was born and raised. He enjoys shooting, working out, reading, and listen to podcasts in his free time. Interesting fact that not a lot of people know, is Vincent has bicycle toured all over France and Italy. He hopes to one day travel to Lebanon because it reminds him of Provence. And the craziest thing he has ever done was join the Marine Corps.

Now let’s get to the fun “what – if questions”!




“What – If” Questions

If he were an animal, he would be a honey badger.

If he could only pick 1 food item and 1 beverage to drink for the rest of his life, he would pick steak and potatoes and Deschutes Bachelor Bitter.

Night Vision would be Vincents super power if he had one!

If he won the lottery he would buy a 36 ft sailboat…or maybe 40 ft!

His choice, if he could be a cartoon character, would be Archer, but secretively we know it’s also Bob from Bob’s Burger!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know EarthCruiser crew member Vincent!


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