Earthcruiser Introduces: 2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP Overland Adventure RV

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Dual Cab exterior

Earthcruiser Introduces: 2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP Overland Adventure RV

“Ultimate Globetrotting Off-Road Gas-Powered 4×4 Has Seating For Family & Friends”

Taking your friends and family to the ends of the earth in comfort has never been easier. We’re proud to formally introduce the EarthCruiser 2020 Dual Cab for both EXP pop-top and FX fixed-roof models, an extension of our popular EXP and FX platform. With the Dual Cab (also referred to as a “quad or crew cab”) experience, seating capacity is increased to up to 4 passengers with front and rear Scheelman captain chairs, ensuring the creature comforts and off-road capability that makes EarthCruiser the most accomplished world travel vehicle available.

“We have been looking forward to the dual cab release since the V8 platform was first conceptualized. For years, our owners have been going farther, and living lives of true adventure. The dual cab platform allows our next generation of owners to share this lifestyle with their children, their parents, and their friends. Never before has true adventure been so inclusive,” said Chad Knight, EarthCruiser General Manager. “The unparalleled experience offered by our vehicles is now available to everyone, and this is a truly wonderful thing,” says Knight.

With air travel halted, we’re seeing increased interest by people of all ages to partake in the good old-fashioned road trip, exploring the beauty our country has to offer. Camping is on the rise and new and old entrants to the joys of mobile adventuring are driving a massive boost to RV rentals with some companies seeing more than triple-digit increases – even investors are weighing in on RVs.

What better time for the EarthCruiser 2020 Dual Cab than right now?

“Our new EarthCruiser 2020 Dual Cab marks a new era of Earthcruiser, opening up the experience to a larger group of family and friends to join in the year-round fun, be it the desert, snow, forest, or sand. EarthCruisers are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, even sub-zero,” said Lance Gillies, co-founder of EarthCruiser. “There is a massive movement afoot with people seeking experiences that combine work, travel and adventure and EarthCruiser brings together all three, no matter the season or location.”

Dual Cab exterior
Dual Cab exterior

The Down – n – Dirty Chassis Performance Tech Specs:

The 2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP are the perfect adventure-ready home designed to be taken off-roading. We’re often asked about the details that go into constructing our iconic vehicles so want to take a minute and get into the dirty details.

The wheelbase of 168.5-inches (4279.9 mm) and overall bumper-to-bumper length of 289-inches (7340.6 mm) combine with a custom suspension system bringing unparalleled stability and control, allowing for nimble maneuvering on any trail condition.

The EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP models are custom-built with a Hero 2-speed transfer case and Dynatrac Pro Series 80 axles with front and rear ARB air lockers. Two onboard air compressors actuate the ARB differential lockers for maximum off-road traction. The vehicle comes standard with WARN hubs, an alloy bullbar, brush guard, WARN front-mounted winch, and radiator skid plate.

Driven by a powerful 6.0 liter V8 Vortec gasoline-fueled engine with 297 HP, 361 lb-ft of torque and an Allison 1000 rugged duty 6-speed automatic transmission and a 60-gallon (227-liter) tank, these units are optimized for power and fuel economy. Current models use the Fuso chassis with Chevy chassis coming online late 2021.

EarthCruiser Purposeful Design, Optimizing Function and Livability

No vehicle competes with the ruggedness, yet comfort and design of an EarthCruiser which not only takes you off-road, it can take you off-the-grid completely — and with an impressively small environmental footprint.

Solar panels on the roof power electronic devices and charge batteries, while an integrated water filtration system allows you to purify water from any source, or store in the onboard water tanks for later use.

EarthCruisers are also constructed with top-notch marine-grade materials (think: luxury yacht) for ultimate durability and features sound dampening materials throughout to reduce road noise and keep interior temps constant, no matter what climate it ends up in.

And, our founders know a thing or two about taking EarthCruisers into extreme environments. Their decades of experience building and living in EarthCruisers is, in large part, what drives the thoughtful and intelligent design and engineering to pack so many critical systems into such an efficient and integrated package.

2020 EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP Interior Specs:

Dual Cab interior has the same house (EXP or FX) options as our iconic single cab

EarthCruiser living quarters are designed to be highly functional and efficient while offering all the comforts of home for extended remote adventure living. Features include:

  • An impressive 77.25-inches of interior headroom and 87.7 square feet of space and a 166.5″ (4229 mm) camper box;
  • The bed of the camper boasts 44-inches of headroom from the top of its full-size mattress to the ceiling – plenty of space for adults to sit up in bed;
  • A fiberglass molded dinette bench area with leather cushions offers under-seat storage and a swing-away dinette table that converts the eating area into a second bed;
  • An optional sky bed provides additional sleeping space, and doubles as a cover for the cab pass-through;
  • Bathroom amenities feature an interior composting toilet and full-height shower;
  • Casement-type side windows offer up natural light with privacy and insect screens to enjoy the outdoors while being in a climate-controlled space;
  • The galley-style kitchen showcases an Isotherm 4.24 cu ft. 12 volt upright stainless steel refrigerator/freezer;
  • A one-piece countertop with an induction cooktop and stainless steel sink and easy to clean fiberglass surfaces;
  • A stand-alone coffee bar is nestled next to the dinette area, providing easy access to your favorite beverage.
Kitchen area and command center
All EarthCruisers come equipped with a space-saving pull-out refrigerator
Ample pass-thru space in both single and Dual Cab models.
Compact yet highly functional and multi-purpose bathroom design

Despite the compact space, Earthcruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP models offer ample smart inside-and-outside storage solutions, including:

  • Flush-mounted and lockable storage cubbies for personal belongings;
  • Chassis-mounted storage boxes;
  • Optional fiberglass rear mounted storage box;
  • Storage compartments and sliders under the bed
  • Under-cooktop and sink-top storage for essential kitchen items;
  • Under-cabin storage for bulkier and non-day use items.
Purposefully-designed ample storage
Additional cubby storage near dining seating and table
Sample overhead storage
Generous under-bed storage

Earthcruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP models feature electricity and on-board utilities to give you everything you need on or off-the-grid.

Central command and pass-thru on our EXP model
  • AC outlets, 12-volt, and USB accessory outlets offer multiple charging opportunities.
  • A master control panel, which integrates both BEP Marine and Mastervolt command panels, provides access to critical systems including: heating and cooling, battery, freshwater monitoring, and even LED lights and solar charging systems.
  • Adjustable energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights illuminate the interior and exterior. Exterior lights vary from sealed side-mounted floodlights, motion-sensor entrance lights, to even high-intensity Vision X 20 driving lights.
  • Optional dual alternator charging system provides ultra-fast charging while driving and at idle.
  • A gas-powered Webasto Air Top Evo 40, along with a Bosch hot water heater helps keep things running as well.
  • An interior-mounted Shurflo freshwater pump and purified water drinking system provide clear and safe drinking water while separate onboard fresh water and grey water tanks handle other water needs.
  • Exterior hot and cold water shower, water faucet, and purified drinking water faucet.

EarthCruiser’s power systems pack a serious punch into a small footprint. Our battery system boasts 400 amp hours of lithium storage (with option to upgrade to 800 amp hours). To keep these batteries topped off, we combine a Mastervolt DC/DC 50A alternator charger, 3000W Mastervolt Combi inverter/charger, and three 108 watt SUNFLARE solar panels (with option to upgrade to five panels).

Due to our unique design, EarthCruisers are able to maximize resources, including water and power, which allows us to reduce the size of our resource storage units without sacrificing power or longevity. All of this allows you to go farther, for longer, than ever before.

Extra Options

All EarthCruisers are offered out-of-the box or customizable with a variety of options, such as: a rear-mounted WARN winch, second locking/tilting spare tire carrier, additional sound-deadening materials, bumper-mounted expedition kit, upgraded exterior light packages, or even a forward-facing camera.

EarthCruisers also excel in winter-type environments and are the perfect companion for sports and activities requiring cold-weather endurance. Want to go back-country skiing? No problem. How about some remote ice-fishing? In a snap – and with freezer storage to keep things fresh. We offer additional customizations for winterization needs, including thermal barriers and redundant freeze protection systems.

For complete information and detailed specifications please contact

Rough, uneven terrain? Not a problem for our dynamic EarthCruiser vehicles.


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