Thankful for EarthCruiser Adventure Pets

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The world can feel quite dizzying right now, which is why it’s more important than ever to step away and take a break, even if only for a short while. Isn’t this one of the reasons we love to get outside and get lost? It helps us get beyond ourselves and provides perspective shifts and grounding moments.

At EarthCruiser we believe in giving thanks for those things in our lives, big and small, that bring us joy and keep us moving forward, together. We’ve decided to honor Thanksgiving all month long. No, not turkey dinner but taking time to say “Thanks” to some key players in our lives, starting with our precious fur babies.

For this first “We’re Thankful for ____” in our series, we want to take a moment to spotlight some of the EarthCruiser pets that bring their owners so much happiness as co-pilots on the road and in life. We love seeing all the road dogs (and cats!) featured in EC owner social media and video accounts.

The inspiration for this post goes out to all of them and, in part, to Strewth (pictured) who is Lance and Michelle’s trusted companion and has been on EarthCruiser adventures humans the world over would envy.


Stebby and Craig, owners of an EarthCruiser FX bring their pups on all kinds of road trips. We spotted this touching photo of Stebby and Elle that demonstrates the term co-pilot perfectly; shoulder-to-shoulder facing the open road.

And, what tops the look of pure delight than a dog loose in a field, tongue hanging, free as the wind? We recognize that bounce in Luna in this photo snapped at Lake Ewell.


MISSOURI (MO) and MILO (aka #adventurekitty)

EC Owners #69 go by The Goat on Instagram and regularly post fun shots from their steady travels. What really caught our eye is Milo the #adventurekitty, a stray fur-ball they ran across (literally, the cat ran in front of their car) while on a road trip.  Milo seems to have wasted no time getting comfortable with being in the driver’s seat, and life on the road with big brother “Mo” Missouri.



We first got a peek at Ben and his brother Jax during our Owner Stories interview with Maile and Kent Krumpschmidt who shared that their two 55-lb dogs love to curl up together on the console of their EarthCruiser (photographic evidence below). Maile calls them “hilarious kids”. They sure look comfortable living that road dog life!




Going by Whiskey7Backroads on Instagram and YouTube, Brent and Cheryl keep plenty busy exploring around the U.S. in their EarthCruiser, documenting their trips along the way.  They seem to always bring their trusty Australian Shepards, Rusty and Riley,  who look like the best of buddies.


Have a shot of your fur baby on adventures in your EarthCruiser? We’d love to see it and share with the EarthCruiser community. Just send us a note: [email protected].