EarthCruiser on the Overland Journal Podcast: “Discussing Expedition Campers and Crossing Jungles with Lance Gillies”

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If you follow Overlanding then you are very familiar with The Overland Journal. A few months ago we had the pleasure of hosting Scott Brady at HQ. Lance and Michelle, and most the EarthCruiser crew, were able to spend quality time together, from a safe-masked physical distance, of course.

While here, Scott and Lance sat down for a highly engaging interview for the Overland Journal Podcast, a production of the Overland Journal Magazine and the website, and features the travelers, topics, and news related to the overlanding community and industry. 

In the latest episode, “Discussing Expedition Campers and Crossing Jungles with Lance Gillies”,  Lance and Scott get down-and-dirty in the jungles of Borneo as Lance walks us through his extreme adventures in a Nissan Patrol following the equator. Planning the trip took a couple years and required a number of vehicle modifications to tackle staying within 1 degree of the equator at all times – despite terrain obstacles. 

There was a lot of wenching involved to stay on course, including “climbing sideways” and balancing trucks on canoes to cross a river. You can read full details of this radical feat in on our blog: Captivated by Borneo: The 2019 Borneo Equator Expedition.

“The 2019 Borneo Equator Expedition wasn’t a race, it was more of a test of endurance and mental fortitude. EarthCruiser’s Founder, Lance Gillies, and EC owner Jim wanted to drive all of Borneo along the Equator, moving from east to west. The Camel Trophy has done a section of this but to Lance’s recollection, no one’s tried off-roading on the line through the entire island in this direction…”


In addition to Borneo adventures, Scott and Lance also talked places Lance has traveled, lessons learned, tips for those wanting to get into overlanding, considerations for building expedition campers for global travel, and features of the latest EarthCruisers. 

Every time we hear stories from Lance, we are reminded of his extensive (sometimes insane!) experiences and the unparalleled knowledge that comes from that. It’s what forms the foundation of how we build our vehicles, from first hand radical experience. 

Don’t miss it. Listen here.


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