Did you know EarthCruiser offers pre-owned vehicles?

EarthCruiser’s main goal is to put the right people in the right vehicle—to help you fulfill your traveling aspirations. Sometimes that means opting for a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new one. Whether it’s an EXP, FX, or EXD—we’ll help you select the perfect pre-owned EarthCruiser to fit your needs. By purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, you’ll become part of the Earth Cruiser family—a traveling tribe that is tight-knit, global, and supportive.

Why buy a pre-owned EarthCruiser? Each pre-owned vehicle is meticulously inspected before going on the market to ensure all systems are functioning properly and the truck is ready for adventure. Each hand-built vehicle is rated and priced per current condition (based on mileage, truck year, options/upgrades, and physical condition). After a thorough review is performed, the truck is listed for sale directly from us. Once you purchase a pre-owned EarthCruiser, you’re welcomed into our owner’s club. This is the start of a long-lasting and informative relationship that will benefit owners in a multitude of ways.

Pre-owned trucks are also a great way to see if the overland travel lifestyle is for you, at a much lower investment. While we do our best upfront to see if this experience is best for you, there is no better test than getting out and doing it. Once you decide if it is the right path, our program helps you recoup much of your initial investment to put toward a new, custom up-fitted truck of your dreams.


The Cruiser Crew: Along with an extensive initial vehicle walk-through, pre-owned EarthCruiser buyers will enjoy complimentary technical support, preferred replacement parts and upgrade costs, annual inspections at the EarthCruiser’s headquarters located in Bend, Oregon, and preferred shop rates should they like to customize their new truck. Additionally, anyone in the Cruiser Crew will have access to weekly information bulletins, insider news (we’re always up to something cool!), as well as online access to our customer portal. Buyers are also invited to exclusive EarthCruiser owner expeditions, of which are held throughout the world. You’ll be connected, supported, and will start a life-long friendship with other EC owners and official EarthCruiser experts. We’re here to support your journey—no matter where it may take you.

Other EC goodies: EarthCruiser offers an extended warranty to new pre-owned EC truck buyers. Explore the globe in confidence knowing a dedicated staff is here to help you along the way should you have questions or concerns. EarthCruiser stands behind its work and ingenuity and is here to help you transition into the truck of your dreams. Expertly designed, and yours for adventuring.

EarthCruiser’s original saying was “EarthCruiser – for on road travel or no road adventure.” The sole purpose of our company is to build high-quality trucks for your remote travel destinations, no matter if they’re on- or off-road. Additionally, our 4×4 vehicles allow you the ability to stay out longer. The EXP, FX, and EXD models are built to withstand a variety of off-pavement adventures, but also offer up a smooth and luxurious ride when on tarmac. We’re happy to show you the many features and benefits a pre-owned EarthCruiser has to offer. Hand-built, based in Oregon, USA, and constructed of the highest quality to give you years of enjoyment.