Feature by feature, EXD features more features.

As mentioned before, we are not hating on #vanlife. In fact, any person looking to travel by any means are friends of ours because WE LOVE TRAVELING! Knowing the capabilities of your vehicle is another thing, and everyone at EarthCruiser wants to make sure that if you do adventure off-road, you have the right vehicle, skill set, and understanding to do so safely. This was a driving force behind the EXD concept, and we wanted to share how some of the specs are stacking up.

We took a look at the average specs, and it was clear that putting an EarthCruiser house on a capable truck designed to travel off-road made a lot of sense for us adventurers at heart. Here is what we found:


Progress on the EXD is really making leaps and bounds now, and we have a lot more specs about the house to share:


We also have a list of options that will be available:


One of the more important features of the EXD is how the rear bed will turn into a dinette table at the push of a button. Our engineers have put together this video using SolidWorks software and Bandicam to show it’s functionality.

We are getting tons of interest about an off-road ready camper designed to work with a Ford, Chevy, Ram or any capable rig with an 8 foot+ bed. We will be installing our first EXD in a few weeks, and are looking to build 8-10 more of them in 2018.
Now is your chance to be the first to reserve an EXD at introductory pricing that will only be offered on the 2018 builds.
  • Base Price – $100K (normally $107K)
  • Expedition Package Upgrade – $15K (normally $25K)
  • $2,500 non-refundable deposit (normally $7K)

Contact our EXD team for more information and to grab this introductory offer while it is still available.