How much is an EarthCruiser?

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EarthCruiser FX $$400,000 US dollars*

EarthCruiser EXP $$400,000 US dollars*

*depending on options and specifications

The EarthCruiser FX base price vehicle with Chassis starts at $400,000. Then when we sit down with each person and ask them what they need and want so we can tailor the EarthCruiser to them. Each customer has different needs and desires when traveling so with this in mind we have a list of options that can be added. For instance, if you want an extra water tank, upgraded shocks, or bulbar any or all of these can be added for an additional cost. Often times we have customers that want small detail options like privacy screens, carpet runners, and accessories. This can all be done to create a personalized touch for each individual with an EarthCruiser.

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