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There are a lot of people who have ambitions for adventure travel, but don’t pull the trigger because of timing, money, or inexperience. We’ve seen many people abandon their dreams prematurely, thinking they have to work longer to create this life for themselves. However in this day and age it is easier to chase these dreams earlier in life than before.

I’d like the share the story of Scott & Anita of Rockhampton Australia. Two customers of EarthCruiser that took a different approach to chasing a dream of adventure travel. Scott retired early and passed on a 5 year contract extension, and from working in the medical field Anita recognized an inherent risk in waiting longer to live out this dream. Instead of being overwhelmed by the concept, Scott and Anita were persistent and found a way to do it. Their story was captured by the local news station in Brisbane, watch it now.

In the past few months we have seen a similar trend in the US. New members to the EarthCruiser family are choosing it’s better to buy a home that travels to where you want to live, rather than having to settle for one location. With the average cost to own a home increasing, $210,200 according to Zillow, and long term financing possible, adventure travel dreams are more achievable than ever.

We are very inspired by the story of Scott and Anita, and our passionate owners who chose not to wait to chase their dreams. Hopefully you are too, and if you need more encouragement, let us know and we’ll help connect you with others who took their passion and ran with it.

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