The New 2020 EarthCruiser EXP and FX

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Our flagship expedition trucks are in for one major overhaul

This year we are releasing an entirely new, more capable, reliable and purpose built EXP and FX expedition vehicles. The most notable change is that they will be powered by an ever reliable, fuel efficient v8 gasoline engine. Everyone here is excited to see the transition to a gasoline fueled powerplant from our preferred chassis manufacturer, Fuso. This platform will, at last, give us the flexibility needed to adjust drivetrain parameters, and create a platform that can be standardized across multiple truck lines (including dual cab models). Our new platform will include a two speed transfer case, offering owners the sought after low range option.

We will be final stage manufacturing the new Fuso V8 platform, just as we final stage manufactured the Fuso FG 4×4 into our first EarthCruiser.  During this process, we have full control over final drive ratios, transfer case reduction gears, wheel and tire compatibility, locking differentials, and braking systems. These systems will be designed and engineered with OUR end in mind, resulting in an end product that is built from the ground up to travel the world. All of this will be done without compromising emission compliance, insurance or registration requirements. In short, we are building a purpose-built expedition truck that is legal, safe, easier to drive, easy to maintain, and most of all fun.

One of the drivers behind this change is that many countries have begun the process of increasing emission regulations on diesel engines in favor of high efficiency gasoline and electric power plants. In addition, Fuso engine manufacturers have made it clear that because of these inherent changes, they will not invest in new diesel engine technology past 2020. So, as these regulations and policy changes continue, we are choosing to change as well. This allows us to do what is best for our owners and continue to create reliable vehicles free of limitations.

It’s been over 10 years since we designed the first EXP expedition camper. Our original saying was “EarthCruiser – for on road travel or no road adventure,” and the purpose was to build trucks for customers, and us, that go farther, and stay longer. An EarthCruiser is designed with a traveler’s heart, for those who want to explore as many tight city streets as they do wide open dirt tracks around the world.

During these 10 years we have seen over 160 vehicles fulfill dreams of exploration from the Steps of Mongolia, to the Steens Mountain in Oregon. This was done without any major modification to the original EarthCruiser platform. Now the world is changing, and we find it necessary to create something new, something that will continue to live up to our core goal… making expedition travel easy, comfortable, safe, and most of all, fun.

We could not have been happier with the performance and longevity of the 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Over the past 10 years, it has, and continues to propel EarthCruiser vehicles to some of the most remote destinations on the planet.  While we are very happy with current configuration, we feel that that the stringent engine emission controls planned for diesel engines in 2020 will degrade the platform in a number of important ways. And while we support these environmental acts, this will result in a powertrain that is incompatible with a world class expedition platform.

We plan to release detailed specifications, 3rd party product testing information, and pricing this summer with deliveries starting in the fall. Stay tuned.

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