Which Overlanding Platform Is Right For You? (Video Series)

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Some of the most common questions we receive are how to determine what to look for and know what is right for you when evaluating an expedition vehicle

While there are a lot of features and bells and whistles that go into making an overall decision, one of the most critical places to start is the platform, or base, the house is built on. The base platform of your vehicle will dictate its capability between truly going off-road or just down dirt roads.

In this video series, EarthCruiser Founder, Lance Gillies and Head of Customer Training and Support, Clive Watson, share their expertise and knowledge on common platform-related topics and questions from the community. If you’re evaluating an expedition vehicle, or just want to know more about what goes into deciding the right fit, then this is the series for you. 

Why Purchase New? – The benefits of buying a brand new cab-over overlanding vehicle, there are many!

Why Purchase Pre-Owned? – There are a lot of great reasons why to purchase pre-owned, Lance and Clive go through the top reasons to consider a pre-owned overlanding vehicle.

Which Platform For You Dream Overlanding Vehicle? – There is a lot to consider when picking the chassis/platform for your DIY overlanding vehicle, do not miss these points.

The Benefits of a Domestic Platform – Domestic platforms are great options depending on your travel plans and adventure needs. Find out why.

Why Do Lance & Michelle Drive “Alpha” – EC Founders Lance & Michelle explain why they choose to drive “Alpha” (a diesel) which has been around the world (a few times).