Live For Adventure: EarthCruiser’s New Look For a New Era

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What a year!

In addition to expanding our popular EarthCruiser FX and EXP lines to include Dual Cab options, introducing the EC Terranova Expedition Camper, and launching an entirely new business unit with CORE vehicles, we’re also evolving the look and feel of the EarthCruiser brand.


If you’re reading this, you’re on our new website, a project months in the making. We’re honored so many people want to learn about our vehicles and the people that bring them to life. We hope this new experience more deeply conveys the heart and heritage of EarthCruiser.

The ride-drive-live experience in an EarthCruiser is wholly unique and there’s no way to capture it in one video. We’re cooking up a catalogue for 2021, starting with this foundational video to kick-off a series we’ll stitch together in the seasons ahead. Our goal is to showcase the lifestyle, experience, and unparalleled craftsmanship that goes into each hand-assembled vehicle, through a range of rich content.

This first video taps into the EarthCruiser heritage and features the very people who put their heart and soul into bringing EarthCruisers to market: the founders and employees. That’s right, founders Lance and Michelle, crew, office staff, and a couple kids, are the stars because this team is the heart and soul of EarthCruiser. Every one of us answered the call to adventure when we joined this company to empower a life to live full of exploration and adventure.

It is an exciting time for the company and we have all of our friends and EarthCruiser family and network to thank. Interest has never been higher. We’ve had a record year with orders and interest up 200%. There’s little doubt that overlanding is entering a new period of growth and we’re excited to be at the forefront of that in the United States as we were in Australia during our founding. We look forward to sharing our journey more in the months and years ahead.

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What is in an Adventure?

For some, it is muddy roads, snowy passes, endless surf, or remote vistas.

For others, adventure is something else entirely. Not borne of the elements at all, but of something more innate, true to each of us in a unique way…an essence hidden within.

To us, Adventure is all of this, but it is also something much more.

We believe Adventure is measured in more than just miles traversed, territories conquered, or stories captured and told.

 It’s more than posted photos, likes, tweets, shares, or dings.

We believe that, like age, Adventure is a mindset; a deeper relationship with our truest selves. A sense of belonging in many different worlds, a taste of wonder that must be experienced to be fully understood.

Because in its most universal form, that’s all an Adventure is: a way of approaching life. A belief that life presents many ways to live it, yet only a short time to do so. And no one is going to do it for you.

EarthCruisers are made for those who call to Adventure.

Our iconic American-made adventure vehicles are built with intention. Designed to be taken everywhere, serviced anywhere, and handled by anyone. Every detail in an EarthCruiser exists for the humble purpose of facilitating true Adventure and nothing more.

Because when adventure lives within, it becomes less of a thing you do, and more of a way to be. EarthCruiser, live for Adventure.

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