The End of an Era – EarthCruiser Omega

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The last diesel EarthCruiser in North America – introducing EarthCruiser Omega.

Since our founding in 2008, diesel powered EarthCruiser trucks have been the chosen carriage for transporting owners to the most remote areas around the globe. These fantastic trucks have allowed their owners to see and experience it all, from pristine South French wineries, to the rugged terrain of Tajikistan.

However, as we described in a July post, times are changing. Our heritage has not been built on a certain type of fuel, but on providing a proven platform for people to travel without limitations. In the United States we’ve recognized that. With the increased efforts to reduce emissions, many manufactures are switching from a diesel powertrain to gas or electric.

Daimler, owner of Mitsubishi Fuso, is one of those manufacturers and honestly we cannot blame them. With upcoming emission standards changing in 2020, any new diesel truck will have to run on systems that make them less reliable and cost more to maintain. In our opinion, this nullifies many of the advantages of diesel ownership.

So for the first time in EarthCruiser’s 11 year history, gasoline powered expedition trucks have been put into production.

While these trucks were designed to our stringent performance specifications, see 2020 EarthCruiser post, we are still sad to see the end of the diesel truck era in North America.

We have been holding onto the last Fuso diesel chassis in the US, as we didn’t feel it should find a home without a true EarthCruiser good-bye. This truck, dubbed “Omega,” will be unique to say the least. Unlike our first all white truck, “Alpha”, this rig will come with a custom dark grey painted cab and matching gel coat house. It will have black wheels, and custom “Omega” embroidered Scheel-mann Vario seats.

If you would like a chance to own the last truck of an era, contact us today at [email protected]